Klaus Lohmeyer: Our designs follow a feeling. If we can make people say 'I wear it every day', then we did it right.

By Victor Sajenko


Werkstatt:München is synonym of artisanal beauty and industrial romanticism.

Founded in 1998 by Klaus Lohmeyer, the brand features jewelry, lifestyle objects and leather goods entirely hand made in Germany, where the company is based.

Werkstatt:München workshop

Your jewelry is not a fashion accessory that follows trends. What does tradition mean to you?

Klaus Lohmeyer: Our designs follow a feeling. We do what we can not find anywhere and what we would be happy to see. That is why we started with hand-knitted cashmere hats a few years ago. Tradition means a lot to me in today's fast-paced world because I think we have to go back to the conservative principle: a wise one. This means: find your bracelet, your shoes, your hat instead of five half-wise, which increase the desire for the sixth half-wise. This is how we try to design our pieces, even though one can be four times as expensive. The symbolic language, when we work figuratively, is based on strong symbols such as skulls, hearts, crosses or anchors. Inspired by tattoos, because ideally, they are the ultimate jewelry, as one can no longer take them off.

Where do you get your inspiration from while creating new jewelry?

Klaus Lohmeyer: On the one hand, from music culture and on the other hand from nature. In my work, I try to respond to people's needs, because jewelry must adorn people first and foremost. Jewelry must mean something. It can be the symbolism, the feeling of the material or just balanced proportions that please you. If we can make people say 'I wear it every day', then we did it right.

What does a typical production process look like when you are manufacturing silver jewelry?

Klaus Lohmeyer: We mainly work with sheets and wires, which are processed by a high-quality silversmith. They are filed, hammered, soldered or stamped. Some of our tools are 100-year-old. I appreciate the classic craft. The shape determined by surfaces and edges must be perfect, but lively. The surface changes, but the form remains. The quality of the leather is extremely important, we only use leather from a 500-year-old tannery, they only tan in a traditional way with natural dyes. Eventually, the leather ages in a particularly beautiful way.

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