Marking the artist’s 11th studio album.

By Balthazar Malevolent


Marilyn Manson announced the release of a new album entitled We Are Chaos and a music video for its title track. The new project marks the 11th studio album Manson has released, a follow-up to his 2015 Heaven Upside Down.

We Are Chaos by Marilyn Manson.

We Are Chaos is a 10-track LP created by Shooter Jennings and provides a vivid preview of what kind of sound fans might expect. The song is set in a dreamy, nocturnal mid-tempo groove backed by vivid acoustic guitars and Manson's eerie vocals, clocking in at a little over the four-minute mark. An artful music video filled with grim accompanying the album, eerie imagery that switches between surrealist motifs and Manson portraits. 

Manson gave a detailed account of the idea behind the album in a press release: "This concept album is the Shooter mirror, and I created it for the listener — it's the one we're not going to look at. There are so many rooms, wardrobes, safes and drawers. But the worst always are the mirrors in the psyche or the museum of memories. Shards and ghost slivers haunted my hands when I had written most of those songs. I had to think to myself, to make this record: 'Tame your crazy, stitch your suit.' And continue to say you're not an animal, but I knew that the worst of all of them is humanity. Mercy creation is like murder. Tears are the biggest production on the human body."

On September 11 Marilyn Manson's new LP We Are Chaos is set to release.

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