In 2002, Vitra began issuing re-editions of designs by the great French constructor in close cooperation with the Prouvé family.

By Balthazar Malevolent


Vitra has reissued the 1941 "Chaise Tout Bois" chair designed by Jean Prouvé; the only chair ever made entirely of wood by the French architect and designer.

Architectural Digest Vitra's Salone del Mobile Installation.

The Chaise Tout Bois has been created during World War II as a result of the shortage of metal. However, it has a similar design to the Standard chair from Prouvé, that piece features a metal base. It is constructed without any screws, and originally made of oak and plywood, which Prouvé rarely explored. This spurred him on to experiment in the future with more materials.

Prouvé won an award in the Meubles de France competition in 1947 for the Chaise Tout Bois, notably for the high quality and attractiveness of the chair, but also because it was affordable for the new homeowner of the post-war period. Today, Vitra reissues the chair in a design as original as possible, making their Chaise Tout Bois out of oak and offering it in two stains: light or dark.

Jean Prouvé finished his training as a metal artisan before opening his own workshop in Nancy in 1924. He created numerous furniture designs in the years that followed and established his own factory in 1947. Prouvé left the company in 1953, because of disagreements with the majority of the shareholders. The designer served as a consultant engineer on a number of important architectural projects in Paris over the ensuing decades.

In 1971, when Prouvé played an important role in selecting the design of Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers for the Center Pompidou as chairman of the competition jury, he left his mark on architectural history once again. Jean Prouvé's work encompasses a wide range of objects, from letter openers to window fittings, from interior objects and furniture to façade elements and ready-made houses, from modular systems to huge exhibition structures – essentially, almost anything suited to industrial production methods.

Vitra Reissues Jean Prouvé's 1941 Chaise Tout Bois Chair.

Interesting fact:

Designer Rick Owens lives and works in Paris but the sleek, minimalist style of his creations has been developed in the United States when he started creating custom-made furniture for his Los Angeles bunker-style loft. Working with the highest-caliber craftsmen, he has developed a collection of pieces expressing his signature style in cut, volume and plan.

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