We tried to connect the two phenomena and explore their direct interaction by resear

By Balthazar Malevolent


Typography, as study of typefaces, is a widespread category in modern world. It enters every segment of daily life and shapes people’s perception. On the other hand, fashion design, as the art of application design to clothing, has become another very influential field in terms of cultural trends of the 21st century.

Schnyder features three weights: Bold, Demi, and Light.

We tried to connect the two phenomena and explore their direct interaction by researching the role of typography in fashion design in general and in the context of the main fields of the fashion industry. How does typography as part of graphic design work with the fields that fashion industry is covering (branding, advertising, communication, etc.), what methods of application does it use, and how does it affect consumers? Can there be a visual solution in the form of clothing line featuring certain garments and accessories, all for the purpose of better understanding how typography is implemented into fashion design. The presence of graphic design in fashion design has certainly been previously interpreted in many case studies and fashion articles, while the study of typography alone in fashion design is much narrower and more concrete, yet still widely undiscovered area of performance.

With the rise of social media consumption in today’s modern society, typography is present in everyday life more than ever – people bump into various typographical visuals and patterns. While, fashion design on the other hand is also blooming more than ever, expanding the realms of its performance, these two artistic categories are both having their big moment. We explore the connection between the two and imply the similarity between the significance, influence and development of both; how much influence typography has in general, what typefaces are the most appealing to the human eye and why, what is the easiest way to send the right message and how the big brands manage to perpetuate their traditional approach towards both themselves and the audiences, all in the context of the fashion industry.

Perhaps the depreciated hero of fashion, typography is one of the main elements of design dictating how companies such as Alexander Wang, Courreges, MISBHV, Rick Owens, Boris Bidjan Saberi can define or redefine themselves, as well as any garment they create. Letter shapes used in logos and seasonal designs express more than words — they indicate a time, place, feeling and attitude.

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