“What makes others uncomfortable makes me comfortable, actually. I don’t see anything gross in the things that I do.”

By Balthazar Malevolent


The Estonian artist, who is an excessive provocateur and exuberant rapper, hates trap music that he describes as too mainstream. A 27-year-old Estonian rapper, Tommy Cash enjoys the distillation of trashy, obscene and unusual images. The artist is bored with the twerking era.

Estonian rapper Tommy Cash gets into bed with Rick Owens and Michele Lamy.

Cash was born in Tallinn as Tomas Tammemets and is of mixed Estonian, Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh ethnic heritage. He first and foremost identified himself as an Estonian, then an Eastern European in his mind, and a Scandinavian on his CV.

Cash had been a graffiti artist in his youth. He said his use of drugs led him to be "cast out" from schooling. Despite sitting for examinations he never graduated from secondary school and later took up painting and dancing instead of academics.

Cash is a well-known freestyle dancer with a very distinct style in the Baltic dance scene, using elements of popping, krumping, and break-dancing.

In 2018, Cash launched a line of clothing that subversively imitates western styles with in-jokes and eastern elements.

Two of Cash's singles were released by PC Music, the London record label.

Cash has released his 2nd album ¥€$ to positive reviews from Clash and Paper in November 2018. The album includes vocal performances by MC Bin Laden, Charli XCX, Rick Owens and Caroline Polachek as well as production by Danny L Harle, A. G. Cook, Amnesia Scanner, Alex Dulfu and Boys Noize.

In 2019, Cash has been exhibiting at Tallinn's Kumu Art Museum. He had displayed his own sperm in conjunction with Rick Owens, among other artifacts.

Cash also went on a tour of America for the first time in 2019. He was the opener alongside NVDES on Oliver Tree's "Goodbye, Farewell Tour."

In 2020, Cash has been performing through the US for the second time, including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Columbus and more. The tour has begun in San Francisco with his first show.

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