Tomasz Gornicki: Silent Shout

Tomasz Górnicki is a graduate of the bilingual Miguel de Cervantes High School in Warsaw. He is a co-founder of the Iron Oxide artistic collective. Górnicki is the author of the '27' series commemorating stars who died at the age of 27.

By Balthzar Malevolent

Tomasz Gornicki: Silent Shout

Tomasz Gornicki is a Polish sculptor, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (the studio of Janusz Antoni Pastwa).

Winner of the Ministry of Culture Art award, participant of various international exhibitions, the author of sculptures “Moth”, “Warsaw dream”, “Mother, where are your children“, “Now you go alone”, Gornicki collaborates with street artists such as Monstfur, Sepe, Chazme, Seikon. The artist is a co-founder of the Iron Oxide collective, he lives with his family in Warsaw being part of the artistic scholarship of the Marshal of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship.

Tomasz Górnicki is a sculptor of the Young Generation in Poland. He combines classic education gained at the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw with aesthetical experiments. In his work, Górnicki seamlessly moves among different techniques and materials alternately using marble, clay, bronze, and steel. The artist is also one of few sculptors in Europe who annexes the space of the street in the need of his creativity. He creates both monumental works in architectural surroundings and alternative installations. He is a laureate of The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Scholarship 2009/2010.

The first shots from the "Silent Shout" solo show at the Brain Damage Gallery:

Tomasz GornickiTomasz GornickiTomasz GornickiTomasz Gornicki
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