THE TOOL FOR EMAILING ALL CITY'S ELECTED OFFICIALS WITH JUST ONE CLICK opens an email template addressed to all of your city's elected officials, to demand they vote to defund the police.

By Balthazar Malevolent


As police escalate peaceful protests into dangerous, violent situations, people across the country demand that the police forces in their cities be defunded — not reformed, but denied the millions or billions in some cities — of the dollars they receive from taxpayers every year. One way to make your own elected leaders hear your requests is by email, and a new email modeling tool makes sending a letter to thousands of your council members at once simpler than ever before. opens an email template addressed to all of your city's elected officials., developed by a software developer who wished to remain anonymous, provides connections to council members and mayors in five cities for mass emails: Philadelphia, Houston, New York City, Asheville and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The project's Github repository has an increasing number of requests for more cities like Philadelphia and Richmond, Virginia.

The NYC link opens your default mail client (on your phone or desktop) and an email addressed to the offices of 47 members of the New York council, with a template message including slots to insert your own name and town.

"I'm emailing today to ask you to vote no on the budget proposed by the Mayor for the FY21," the message says. "In addition, I urge you to press the mayor's office for an ethical and equitable reallocation of the NYC expenditure budget, away from the NYPD and towards social services and education programs, effective at the beginning of FY21, July 1, 2020."

Bill de Blasio's proposed budget in New York City calls for deep cuts to e-waste and community composting subsidy programs for the sanitation department and funding for its Summer Youth Employment Program, Vision Zero program, tree pruning and tree stump removal efforts, and educational district-charter partnerships program, among other social service programs.

He uses the COVID-19 crisis as a justification for those cuts. Meanwhile, the current $6 billion budget of the New York Police Department would see a $23.8 million, or 0.39 percent, cut. The mayor's office website makes it sound like this budget is set in stone, but that's not it. It is set to be voted on by Council members later this month.

Emails may feel less effective than phone calls or lobbying in person but they do work. On Twitter, Brooklyn council member Justin Brennan posted a video of his own inbox, scrolling page after page of emails requesting the same thing: Defund the police.

If you want to create your own email template for elected officials in your area, Defund12's creator has also created a page on how to make mailto redirects. The directions use template creator by product designer Michael McKeever in conjunction with tinyurl to create a simple email template for your own elected representatives.

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