The Mockery of BLM

The equally distorting impact of radical Marxists, Terrorist interest in BLM.

By Cody Leeder

The Mockery of BLM

TL;DR: Yes, there is absolutely a widespread radical Marxist master narrative of Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Inc. that predicts doom—from the founders at the top to individual state-level leadership. I do not dispute the facts, of course—shame on those who do. I dispute the attitude, the misanthropy, the indictment of progress and humanism—all the senseless hustle and brutality serving some 'higher purpose.'

American politicians and media conglomerates that own and influence popular culture—film, television, music, radio, books, news and entertainment magazines, independent publishers, Broadway theatre—stand behind people who describe themselves as radically 'trained Marxists.' Thanks to a dire and defeatist mental agitation, I worry whether our species even deserves to survive. We feel 'empowered' by what we have come to know about the balance of 'personal liberties' to 'fair privilege opportunities'—we are also 'guilty' of crimes against each other. In a crisis of these dimensions, misanthropy becomes a fatal spiritual temptation. Radical Marxists wish to 'shake us awake,' but the language they commonly use fosters only despair and disengagement. 

I would urge sane people to recognize and reject self-proclaimed Marxists and ignore their grandiose impulses. Our past should have taught us by now that the 'goals' of such 'revolutionaries' want to dismantle built-up systems and protections—marshaling the forces of malevolence and incompetence—to rule and exploit people under their system—calling for apocalyptic 'change.'—has a long and unappetizing history.

Slave society brought about an end to tribal society, the contradictions of slave society resulted in the creation of feudalism—the contradictions in feudalism resulted in the rising merchant class to collaborate with the proletariat to overthrow the monarchy—thus the birth of capitalist republics, and so a similar set of contradictions in Capitalism will result in theoretical ideas of utopia—in reforming free-market Capitalism—but its a fact that Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty and improved living, health, sanitation, nutrition standards than any other ideology. I urge sane people to look at the growth and prosperity of former Socialist and Communist countries after embracing free-market Capitalism. Not just economic—health, education, social development which has reached to people once Capitalism was welcomed.

Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets to condemn police violence and murders across our nation. In every city, town, and suburb, people and even businesses have declared their collective disapproval of police conduct and embraced the slogan 'Black Lives Matter.' It is no wonder that the narrative of doom is penetrating into our psyches, leaving us with a grim sense of our 'virtuous' behaviors—and the politics are now besides the point. The 'progressive' actions of 'virtue signaling'—these small gestures certainly have 'big number' effects—when millions of strangers, uncoordinated, all join their 'little efforts.' Even when hysteria, forcing the intent of communicating one's own 'good character' may seem like a plausible solution to a problem, it is not a plausible feeling for its solution. 

Fear is not only a feeling—it's a strategy. We need to regard the tribunes of political actors and test their assertions of fear, especially in the case of radical Marxists, when we 'support' their objectives. We need to be aware of our own susceptibility to ignorance—to fear—there is a voluptuous quality to fear, as every Hollywood producer knows. Intellectuals build careers upon it—the mass media circulates upon it—BLM amasses power upon it—politically constructed and manipulated. 

Marxism is a system of historical and socio-political analysis that examines the dialectic between two classes of people put forth and defined by Marx—those that own capital and those that are subservient to them. Communism is an alternative system to Capitalism that derives its prescriptions through the application of material dialectics. Socialism predicates both concepts. Socialism and Communism were the curses that made most poor and marginalized people suffer. It was never interested in bringing equality to the masses but power and privilege to champagne socialists.

The Women Behind Black Lives Matter: "We Gave Tongue To Something That We All Knew Was Happening"

'The real education of the masses can never be separated from their independent political, and especially revolutionary struggle. Only struggle educates the exploited class. Only struggle discloses to it the magnitude of its own power, widens its horizons, enhances the abilities, clarifies its mind, forges its will.'—V. I. Lenin

Prevailing misconceptions are corrected by accurate information. Thousand Currents—the 501c3 California-based charity that manages fundraising operations for the national arm of Black Lives Matter—includes on its board a convicted terrorist whose sentence was commuted by former President Bill Clinton on his last day in office.

Rosenberg's involvement with the 19 May Communist Organization, which carried out its bombing campaign to create a contrast to former President Reagan's 'Morning in America' campaign promise, earned her a spot on the FBI's Most Wanted List, according to The Washington Examiner. She was arrested in New Jersey in 1984 while unloading 740 pounds of stolen explosives and a sub-machine gun from a truck. Rosenberg was released from prison in 2001 after having her sentence commuted by Clinton, serving 16 years of her 58-year prison sentence. US Attorney Mary Jo White lobbied aggressively against Rosenberg's commutation at the time, noting that she had allegedly been one of the getaway drivers in the 1981 Brink's robbery, which resulted in the deaths of two police officers and one security guard. Rosenberg was charged with crimes in the robbery, but those charges were dropped because she was already in prison, The New York Times reported.

Susan Rosenberg was identified as the vice chairman of the Thousand Currents board of directors on the charity's website until the page was taken down after the conservative think tank Capital Research Center detailed her involvement with a communist terrorist group that had carried out bombings in New York and Washington, DC, in the early 1980s. (Thousand Current Board of DirectorsInternet Archive—Wayback Machine, 04 Feb. 2018. Retrieved 24 Jun. 2021.) Rosenberg was also identified as a member of the Thousand Currents board of directors in the charity's Form 990s submitted to the IRS for its 201620172018 fiscal years, indicating that the former terrorist has been involved with the group for the entirety of its fiscal sponsorship arrangement with Black Lives Matter Global Foundation, which began in 2016.

I'm always amused to see rich, well-off folks in America espouse 'virtues' of Socialism and Communism when there are those who have lived in such nightmares see through the false dreams and visions. These same Marxist and Socialist once in power turn against the very poor and marginalized who brought them to the top—turn into an oligarchy and rule by committee with an incestuous group of socialist who think they know it better than the unwashed masses. 

As much as I support activism, representation, debate, compromise, reason, law—the elements of public action against public harm—I will admit that at the very core, I despise Marxist, Communists, Socialist and would do anything to keep them away from power and relevancy. Politics taming the Socialist leviathan in every country through violent revolution ended up a dictatorship—every country that democratically elected a socialist government had its leader replaced by the CIA.

Financial statements prepared by Thousand Currents reveal that 83.3% of BLM Global Foundation's total spending during its 2017, 2018, 2019 fiscal years was spent on travel, consulting, and payroll, while only about 6% was put toward grants to outside organizations such as the local BLM chapters, the Daily Caller News Foundation previously reported. BLM Global Network Managing Director Kailee Scales told the DCNF the figures 'do not reflect, for example, the in-kind support for chapters and fundraising directed to chapters and programmatic assistance to chapters, that would not show up as direct grants on the audited financials.' In addition to removing the page on its website disclosing Rosenberg as a member of its board of directors, Thousand Currents also took down a page that had disclosed financial information for the charity, such as audits and Form 990s dating back to 2005.

Patrice Cullors, is co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement. Cullors created the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag in 2013 and has written and spoken widely about the movement. 'The first thing I think is that we actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia, in particular, are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super versed on, sort of, ideological theories.' (We Are Trained MarxistsReal New Network. 23 Jul. 2015. Accessed 24 Jun. 2021.) There is only one reasonable way to interpret this.

Alicia Garza is an American civil rights activist and writer known for co-founding the international Black Lives Matter movement. She currently directs Special Projects at the National Domestic Workers Alliance and is the Principal at the Black Futures Lab. 'Garza describes herself as a queer social justice activist and a radical Marxist. In 2008, she married her husband, Malachi Garza, who is a transgender male activist.' It is worth noting 'and a Marxist' was removed on 25 Jun., 2020 to avoid controversy. (Smith, Tiana. Alicia Garza (1981- )Digital Archive—Wayback Machine, 04 Feb. 2018. Retrieved 24 Jun. 2021.)

Opal Tometi, the third BLM founder, indicated sympathy for the ideals of socialist nations. In a very long open letter, she states Hugo Chavez was a fair democratic leader with a positive legacy and that it is slanderous to call him a dictator. 'In these last 17 years, we have witnessed the Bolivarian Revolution champion participatory democracy and construct a fair, transparent election system recognized as among the best in the world. We denounce the corporate media lies about electoral corruption voiced by Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sander's defamation of late President Hugo Chavez labeling him a dictator.' (Tometi, Opal. Black Lives Matter Network Denounces US Continuing Intervention in VenezuelaBlack Agenda Report, 26 Dec. 2015. Accessed 24 Jun. 2021.) 

A Capitalist's critique of radical Marxism is that it is essentially a religious movement—in its absolutism—its exclusive claims to 'virtue,'—in its contempt for differences of opinion—in its call for 'salvation.' These are choices that free men make for themselves—not least through their political choices—the 'movement' that results in subordinate leadership is only 'partly free,' for lack of a better term—since the combined effect of these 'wants' creates externalities which then plague us and diminish our enjoyment—but still, the order of its 'ideals' are created by human desire.

Black Lives Matter DC—one of the most prominent subordinate groups within the movement—includes on its webpage a dedication to 'creating the conditions for Black Liberation through the abolition of systems and institutions of white supremacy, capitalism, patriarchy, and colonialism.' By definition, the abolition of Capitalism is an explicit endorsement of the socialist-communist spectrum. 'We are anti-capitalist: We believe and understand that black people will never achieve liberation under the current global racialized capitalist system.' (The Movement for Black LivesAbout Us, Accessed 24 Jun. 2021.)

Dr. Melina Abdullah—lead organizer of Black Lives Matter LA chapter—led call and response chants of "disrupt white capitalism." Abdullah shouted into a megaphone: "Fuck the police! Fuck white Capitalism! Fuck The Grove! Fuck 3rd and Fairfax! Fuck Beverly Hills! (Daily Wire). Melina Abdullah was deliberately stoking a very large crowd into destructive action in the middle of the day as the event was ending. She knew 'exactly' what she was doing. Hold Melina Abdulla to account—to the violence, theft, and hundreds of millions of dollars in damage for many miles—profoundly 'disrupting' the livelihoods of many 'Capitalists' that own private businesses and means of production—that don't fall in the 1%.

Black Lives Matter UK is a national, member-led, anti-racist organization fighting to end structural racism. 'We're guided by a commitment to dismantle imperialism, Capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, and the state structures that disproportionately harm black people in Britain and around the world. We build deep relationships across the diaspora and strategize to challenge the rise of the authoritarian right-wing across the world, from Brazil to Britain. (UKBLM FundGofundme, Accessed 24 Jun. 2021. 

Socialist and communist organizations feel like the leadership of BLM is something morally decadent, guiding their organizations in a way that is good for them. 'This was not the same Black Lives Matter movement from a few years ago, but represented a qualitative leap forward in consciousness for many young people who are looking for ideas. The growing openness to Marxism was evident at the end of the demonstration when our tables were swamped by people, many of whom bought our literature and asked to get involved.' (Marxists Around the World March against RacismIn Defence of Marxism, 09 Jun. 2020. Accessed 24 Jun. 2021.) 

Communist Party USA likewise is optimistic about Black Lives Matter—seeing the hysteria of the riots as a harbinger of a better Communist world. 'In 2013 the slogan and organization Black Lives Matter was born. Derided by some, Black Lives Matter has become the slogan of choice, a rallying call of demonstrators filling the streets, and a broadly accepted driving force for change.' (Edelman, Beth. New Politics 2020Communist Party USA, 22 Jul. 2020. Accessed 24 Jun. 2021.)

BLM frequently uses words and terms that have a rich interconnection with communist movements. Notably, 'Comrade,' a preferred term for communists to refer to each other throughout the 20th century. The word comrade shows up all over the place in BLM. Opal Tometi mentioned in an interview with the New Yorker that 'I worked with some amazing comrades in New York.' (Chotiner, Isaac. A Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Explains Why This Time Is DifferentThe New Yorker Q. & A., 03 Jun. 2020. Accessed 24 Jun. 2021.) Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Inc.'s main website mentions that 'We recommit to healing ourselves and each other, and to co-creating alongside comrades.' BLM Los Angeles says that 'We practice empathy. We engage comrades with the intent to learn about and connect with their contexts.' (Guiding PrinciplesBLM Los Angeles. Accessed 24 Jun. 2021.)

In this new talk about how BLM points us toward very disreputable ideas about human wants and preferences—this is fundamentally Marx's idea of 'false consciousness,' according to which this vast world of capitalist consumption is an 'orchestrated delusion,' in which Capitalism creates 'counterfeit' needs and desires which then 'enslave' us and lead us to environmental perdition. 

People have the needs and desires they have—and 'free society' must respect these needs and desires for what they are. People want pleasure, goods, vacations—they derive comfort and consolation from possessions. They are willing to spend money—lots of it—in pointless, but amiable sociability—in restaurants, bars, cafes, and holidays on far-away beaches. All of this is not decadent—it is human—and the 'vast machine' of Capitalism exists to serve these wants. The market has not learned to distinguish between those wants that are 'noble and 'trivial'—those that are 'conducive' to the survival of the species—and those that are 'hostile' to it.

I support the intention behind racial inequality, but if they want me to support the overthrow of Capitalism and support a Marxist or socialist 'Utopia,' I would prefer to be ignored and thrown into the dustbin of irrelevancy. There's no prevailing socialist ideology beyond the idea that we collectively take care of each other for the common good—and that's just human decency—obviously something that the world betrays these days.

I have no objection to anyone who says 'If you want to call taxpayer-funded public healthcare for all' a socialist policy—then I'm a 'socialist.' America would have no problem getting on board with things like socialized medicine. The fact that it's taking so long for many people to wise up to what the rest of the world has known for literal decades is pretty indicative this is more about ideology than facts. The GOP isn't interested in how accurate it is—they're interested in how many voters they can scare away from the polls. 

Why bother to explain the nuances to someone who isn't going to listen or begin to understand anyway?

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