The Chanel brooch is a classic piece that can lift an outfit to another level.

By Balthazar Malevolent


When I was younger, I would associate wearing a brooch with the women over a certain age. I grew up watching them on my grandmother - that lady was beautiful and classy. While I was a little girl, I loved their style, and I still do, I have also inherited some fabulous pieces of my grandmother's clothing. Yet I'd never considered wearing a brooch myself. Certainly not my type. That's been for sophisticated grown-up ladies, and I was more of a rock chic bracelet kid.

Chanel black CC brooch.

I like to think I am 21 forever, but I am certainly not. And slowly but steadily my style was developing and changing naturally. I found this classic Chanel CC brooch a few years ago. And though they have always been in front of my eyes, if that makes any sense, I have never seen them.

Now I see them showcasing beautiful dresses on ladies of all ages. I developed a fascination for myself. There is pure love indeed. So, I purchased my very first Chanel brooch in their flagship store at 31 Rue Cambon when I came to Paris a few years ago. Wrapped in the iconic white box of the flagship store, this was a stunning brooch in light gold with tiny little crystals.

Chanel brooches come in a vast variety of shapes and materials. Silver, gold, with pearls or crystals, or both, enamel, in plexiglass, or just plain and simple uber-traditional. Chanel releases a new collection every season. You want to own more than one of them, of course!

I'm still a bracelet girl and love a good arm candy, but a brooch, or two, or even three if you dare, is now also a natural part of my uniform. I love how the brooch lifts your outfit immediately, no matter how casual or formal your starting point might be.

They can be used for any kind of outfit. A denim jacket, a blazer, a utility jacket, a shirt, a knitted sweater. You can pin it on a beanie or on a beret too. Or even in your hair as a super chic pin.

Do you also remember those Mugler star-shaped brooches reminding of the soviet Moscow?

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