Review of Saint Laurent Denim ‘#YSL35’ Fall 2020 Ad Campaign by Saint Laurent Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello & Photographer Gray Sorrenti.

By Balthzar Malevolent


For an edgy and erotic series of portraits, a new campaign from Saint Laurent Denim incorporates revolting rock influences. The Fall 2020 campaign includes film direction and Gray Sorrenti photography.

In Sorrenti's simplistic black-and-white studio shots, the styling and casting choices work to add a pseudo-Bohemian, folk-rock flair. Skinny, tattooed bodies are exposed by layers of distressed denim buttoned way down. Fringey, 70's-esque DIY haircuts abound, and a cooler-than-thou attitude professes each narcotically nonchalant pair of eyes.

Interestingly, the campaign's style is reminiscent of the work of Hedi Slimane during his tenure as the label's creative director, as well as his latest work for Celine. That's not to suggest that Gray Sorrenti has no hand of her own, as she does in her wider work, as is evident. Since much of the aim of Slimane at Celine seems to be to steal Saint Laurent's market share, it is intriguing to see the latter work reaffirm their dominance over that space. Is one going to be victorious? Are buyers going to get tired of the shtick and move on from the two? We don't believe in something like too much imagination or too much denim, of course, so we're delighted to see it all play out.

Saint Laurent Creative Director | Anthony Vaccarello

Photographer/Director | Gray Sorrenti

Talent | Rosé, Yves Rohloff, Elise Van Iterson, Mika Schneider, Najib Abdi, Zso Varju, & Vova Slivka

Music | “Strange Dreams of You” by Arsun

In other news, Versace Spring 2021 RTW: “The world has changed and we have changed. We have been repeating this almost as a mantra for months, but at the end of the day, for a designer this means to start all over again.”

Saint Laurent Denim #YSL35 Ad CampaignSaint Laurent Denim #YSL35 Ad CampaignSaint Laurent Denim #YSL35 Ad Campaign
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