Taking inspiration from the Mojave Desert.

By Balthazar Malevolent


RIMOWA has launched two new colorways for its Essential collection, Desert Rose and Cactus, inspired by the North American Mojave Desert — a continual change from the LVMH brand's last Berry and Glacier drop that were inspired by Iceland.

Rimowa Essentials Summer 2020 Desert Rose and Cactus release.

The driest desert in the U.S., the Mojave Desert is the only native home to Joshua Trees, a tree-like Yucca plant species that earned its name from its resemblance to a human reaching up to the sky. While it is portrayed by some as aliens, and by others as supernatural beings, the oft sentiment is the enchantment when sunset hits, and the depiction of a mystical beast that stands in the foreground of dusty pink-lit skies. It, alongside, fields of cacti and towering rockfaces that paint the North American Southwest region an earthy green and brown, form the muted natural beauty of the Mojave Desert, and the inspiration for RIMOWA's new Desert Rose and Cactus colorways.

Made with durable and lightweight polycarbonate, the new RIMOWA Essential products come in sizes of Cabin, Check-In L and Trunk Plus with compatible polycarbonate grooved iPhone cases (available for iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max) and a sticker package featuring five thematic styles, with pricing structure as follows:

Cabin: $640 USD

Check-In L: $820 USD

Trunk Plus: $1,020 USD

Grooved iPhone Cases: $90 USD

Sticker Set: $50 USD

The RIMOWA Essential in Desert Rose and Cactus will be available from July 16, beginning with Asia Pacific followed by the rest of the world. Visit RIMOWA's official website for more information.

Rimowa is a high-quality luggage manufacturer. The business was founded in 1898, in Cologne, Germany. RIMOWA suitcases are well recognised for their parallel aluminium grooves, which have become characterictic of the company. The company's headquarters and production are based in Cologne for 120 years. In October 2016, RIMOWA joined LVMH, becoming the group's first German company. Since 2017, Alexandre Arnault is managing the company.

Rumors say that there will be a Rick Owens x Rimowa collaboration in 2021. Stay tuned!

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