The collection borrows heavily from the iconography and music videos produced for their 1990 album Violator

By Victor Sajenko


What they’ve done is a capsule collection with Noah, integrating some of the band’s swaggeringly melancholic visuals onto outerwear, T-shirts, scarves, and also the most pristine pair of New Wave shoes, made with Noah collaborator Solovair. The collection borrows heavily from the iconography and music videos produced for their 1990 album Violator, which was the band’s seventh but also a smash breakthrough into mainstream popularity, with “Personal Jesus,” “Enjoy the Silence,” “Policy of Truth,” and “World in My Eyes” as its four singles. “Violator was the album that catapulted them into superstardom,” Babenzien said—a record that was moody and baroque but also massively successful.

The Depeche Mode collection includes graphics created by Noah, like “PERSONAL JESUS” inscribed in a cross, and stills from the band’s hypnotizing music videos. By the Dutch music video director Anton Corbijn, a longtime collaborator with the band who infused their music with visuals worthy of a fantasia Italian Vogue spread. “We really strove to capture how visual they are as a band,” Babenzien said. The capsule also features the Depeche Mode rose, perhaps the group’s most potent symbol, on a black plaid shirt, a varsity jacket, and more.

Perhaps the most surprising piece in the collection is a pair of single-buckle monk strap shoes based on a pair of Doc Martens Babenzien had during the late ’80s and early ’90s. “The buckles, to me, just felt indicative of the time,” Babenzien said. “It felt like when I was a teenager, and there was hardware on the things I was into, and my friends were into.” As a piece in the capsule, “it’s super subtle,” a staple of New Wave style as interpreted by the British manufacturer Solovair, the go-to footwear for English counterculture cognoscenti. To paraphrase the boys themselves, all you ever wanted, all you ever needed.

Noah is an American men’s clothing brand founded by Brendon Babenzien, based out of its flagship store on 195 Mulberry St. in Soho, New York City. Brendon’s free-thinking vision has long been at the heart of the movement merging the rebellious vitality of skate, surf, and music cultures with an innovative appreciation of classic menswear. Noah was created to realize this vision fully in the uncompromising pursuit of quality, integrity, and originality.

As a brand, Noah seeks to take a stand against many of the appalling practices of the fashion industry. Our clothes are made in countries, mills, and factories where tradition, expertise, and human dignity take precedence over the bottom line. We donate portions of our profits to causes we believe in. We speak out on issues we find important, and try to help give voice to the people and organizations we care about. We do this humbly, but with a firm belief that a responsible brand is a healthy one, that putting our values on the line pushes us to do our best.

The interests and influences that inspire our clothing fall under a large, inclusive, cross-generational umbrella. Our ideas come as much from the possibilities we see in fabrics and designs as our commitment to living active, engaged lifestyles. We believe in doing things our own way, with conviction, according to principles, we determine ourselves. That’s the definition of punk rock to us, and we’re interested in the endless ways people from all walks of life manifest this attitude. We invite you to join us, both in our flagship store and online, and tell us how you do it.

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