By Cody Consantin

"No matter how long it takes, or how much it costs, some things made by skilled human hands in this world are still worth every penny you pay, and every day you wait for them." — Geoffrey B. Small

Geoffrey B. Small thinks so. The new economic realities of today demand that rich or poor, every penny counts. With customers now realizing that low-prices are no guarantee of saving money in the long run, the adage of 'you get what you pay for' rings true. Designers working and still producing in western industrialized countries must now really deliver the very best money can buy to a crowd that's far more educated and discerning than ever before.

Cavarzere, in Venezia is located along the banks of the Adige river as it winds down from the high Alps near Austria to the sea near the Venetian lagoons. There, the water and the sun have unique qualities and are being used by Geoffrey B. Small to create unique fabric treatments and aging characteristics using new organic natural Italian fabrics and material components in silk, linen, indigo, wool, to produce an exclusive collection of handmade pieces for CRUVOIR in Los Angeles this season. 

Silk Bozzolo Reale Seta Milano threads were used for hand-stitched buttonholes and plaid weave tape finishing and detailing on a linen & cotton double-faced jacket. Handmade horn button and hand stitch details on an overcoat made from Luigi Parisotto silk & linen jump weave. Extreme detailing went into a hand-dyed double-faced linen & cotton 1910's suspender trouser, a 3-in-1 removable collar on the L.Parisotto silk & cotton blouse. 

Luigi Parisotto, Geoffrey B. Small, Nicholas Giannelli, and Nobuhiko Akiyoshi are in Sarcedo, Vicenza, busy researching fabrics. Jackets hang dry in the Cavarzere sun as part of their unique hand-dye process. The sun in Cavarzere during the summer is intense and has specific properties that affect and age textile fibers in a beautiful way. 

The water in Cavarzere comes from the Adige, Italy's second-largest river, which originates high in the Alto Adige – Süd Tirol region of the Italian Alps and contains calcium and other properties which give unique effects to the washing and dyeing process of the designer Geoffrey B. Small. The time-consuming and arduous process of hand-dyeing and hand-washing is a centuries-old method, and it seems to return ecologically sustainable results of timeless beauty and individuality.

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