Doing away with the need of prescription lenses.

By Balthazar Malevolent


Last week, Apple leaker Jon Prosser reported that the upcoming augmented reality glasses of the tech giant would support prescription lenses at various price points, but a new patent granted to Apple this week now suggests that due to its auto-adjustment technology, the device may not need prescription lenses at all.

Apple AR glasses.

Last Tuesday, the US Patent and Trademark Office granted the patent for a "head-mounted display device for retaining the portable electronic device with display." Although patents for a device had been filed numerous times before, the latest filing focused on the ability of its lenses to adjust automatically according to the user's eyesight. "The optical subassembly consists of at least one dynamic optical component and where the processor is setup to adjust the dynamic optical component based on the prescription information," the patent read. "For instance , if a user is myopic in one eye, the optical module associated with that eye may modify the displayed image to correct the myopia of the user," it continues explaining. “The system can determine the correction required for each eye, if any, using any suitable approach. For example, the user can enter a prescription for glasses or contact lenses which indicates the correction needed."

Of course, the device is still in its patent stage, and so far everything related to the Apple Glass has been just rumors, as the tech giant has yet to announce their intentions for introducing AR glasses, so brand fans should certainly stay tuned for more updates to come.

Jon Prosser suggested that Apple would call the smart glasses "Apple Glass". That would be an unusual choice of name given the similarity to Google Glass, a product that existed long before the start of Apple's work on AR glasses.

It is said that the glasses will look identical to normal glasses, with both lenses to feature displays that may communicate with gestures. There will be an opportunity to get the glasses at a potential starting price of $499 with no prescription lenses.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-respected Apple analyst, expects the AR glasses to be marketed as an iPhone accessory and will primarily take a display role in offloading computing, networking and iPhone positioning. Apple will sell the AR glasses as an accessory to keep them sleek and lightweight. Prosser claims the glasses will look identical to those of Ray-Ban Wayfarers or the glasses Tim Cook wears.

A report from DigiTimes suggests Apple's AR glasses will be launched in 2021, and Ming-Chi Kuo expects a 2022 launch at the earliest. Leaker Jon Prosser claims that in March or June 2021, Apple will announce its product, which may mean that the glasses will be shown in 2021 and released later in 2022. Hoping to see fully digital 3D Rick Owens, Mugler and Courreges shows by that time through Apple glasses, as if you are inside the Palais de Tokyo or by the Canal Saint-Martin.

Apple AR glasses.Apple AR glasses.
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