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By Balthazar Malevolent


Kurt Cobain's guitar from the infamous performance of Nirvana on MTV Unplugged in New York in 1993, has just set a new record for the most expensive guitar ever sold. Back in May, Julien's Auctions predicted the late singer's 1959 Martin D-18E to start with a $1 million bid, but the closing bid soared six times higher than its entry.

Kurt Cobain performing at MTV Unplugged in New York.

The guitar has been sold fro $6,010,000. Besides being the most expensive guitar in history, the sale came with four extra world records, one of which is the "most expensive piece of band memorabilia ever sold." Cobain's original hard-shell case has been sold with the guitar, embellished with a flyer by the band Poison Idea and an Alaska Airlines sticker.

However, there was some confusion over the true owner of the guitar: Cobain's daughter Frances Bean and ex-wife Courtney Love were in a legal position to demand the item from Isaiah Silva, the ex-husband of Frances, who claims that the instrument was a wedding gift, while the seller of the guitar remains anonymous. Peter Freedman, founder of RØDE Microphones, was the winner of the closing bid — he plans to take the instrument on a global exhibition tour where proceeds can be raised to performing arts organizations.

Kurt began playing first on a Univox Hi-Flier guitar – a cheap replica of the more expensive Mosrite Gospel model. In his early days he played a couple of these Hi-Fliers, including a sunburst one adorned with stickers, and a white one that his girlfriend at the time, Tracy, gave him. Also, the Bleach-era was filled with various half-working guitars, such as the blue Gibson SG, composed by Kurt himself, and a Greco Mustang, which had at least two different reincarnations going through.

Around the time Nevermind was out, Kurt mainly played Stratocasters, the most notable of which was a black model, adorned with a "Vandalism" sticker read. He played a 1965 Fender Jaguar for the album tour – this is the guitar most people associate with Kurt. He also acquired a 1969 Fender Competition Mustang at around the same time, which he used most famously during the music video "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

In Utero era was marked by four different Fender Mustangs, three of which were blue, and one red. All these Mustangs were tailored to Kurt's own taste. In the bridge position, the body on each was routed out to fit a full-size humbucker – more precisely a Seymour Duncan JB, and the stock bridge piece was replaced with a Gotoh Tune-O-Matic.

In interviews, designers Boris Bidjan Saberi and Rick Owens were mentioning they were one being inspired by Kurt Cobain's music which even affected their earlier collections.

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