Sweeping ponchos, cloaks and capes cut from raw-hemmed cotton and linen.

By Balthazar Malevolent


"This picture is very different from the one before the moment. We are in the midst of an awakening, "reads the press release of the Julius Spring/Summer 2021 collection, consisting of earth-toned clothing that remind of a cross between Jedi outfits and fairy tale nomads. Initially called "Harvest," the collection has been renamed "[mamuthones;]" in the light of the coronavirus pandemic, reflecting a more moody theme: ancient Italian pagan deities identified by the Japanese brand as "God of Harvest messengers in this world. A grieving spirit for all the sorrow."

"[DUKKHA;]," "[mamuthones;]" offers proportion-shifting layers rich in texture provided by organic fabrics, as in Fall/Winter 2020. Anchored by Julius heavyweight boots, woven cardigans, lengthy linen coats and huge hoodies shroud the wearer's torso while drop crotch shorts and easy cropped pants provide comfort in the heat of summer. Throughout, distressed knitwear appears, lending the wrinkly military blousons a rough-hewn edge, oversized graphic T-shirts, and shortened leather jackets from the Japanese brand.

"In" [Harvest] "the concept of happiness is instantly permeated, reestablishing its meaning," the Julius team statement explains. "It was a fertile world where fresh young leaves sprouted in chaotic fashion, magnificent spiritual restitution. But as we experience an unprecedented catastrophe, all changes. Even the person needs to rethink his or her role and establish a whole new organic relationship with the universe. However, this tragedy gives many people a chance to become awakened. A world driven insane by consumption is about to freeze and be reborn in an organic form."

In other news, Takay, the Japanese photographer, filmed models in Yohji Yamamoto classic uniforms, some with new design twists in an imaginary show with soft and jazzy music and occasional close-up displays to show the details of the signature looks: easily recognizable Yohji styles with the slouchy silhouettes and military uniform garments.

Julius SS21 Lookbook.Julius SS21 Lookbook.Julius SS21 Lookbook.Julius SS21 Lookbook.Julius SS21 Lookbook.Julius SS21 Lookbook.
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