A portion of the proceeds will benefit the New York City AIDS Memorial.

By Balthazar Malevolent


Jenny Holzer and Avant Arte joined forces on new work, entitled URGE AND URGE AND URGE, consisting of condoms in a hand-blown recycled-glass pharmacy tank. The project has been created in conjunction with the New York City AIDS Memorial as part of a campaign raising awareness of the ongoing AIDS fight. Every gold, red, black and white condom wrapper features some of Holzer's iconic phrases such as "EXPIRING FOR LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL BUT STUPID," "PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT," and "MEN DON'T PROTECT YOU ANYMORE." Others are printed with excerpts from Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself.

Jenny Holzer's work.Jenny Holzer's work.Jenny Holzer's work.

A lot of the proceeds from the sale of URGE AND URGE AND URGE will support the New York City AIDS Museum, which offers shelter for those lost to AIDS to reflect and remember. The proceeds will fund educational and cultural activities, as well as continued memorial maintenance. A truck outfitted with LED screens will display animated texts by Holzer and Walt Whitman as it travels through historically significant sites in New York City today to mark the start of the research and to remember those lost to AIDS.

"When I first met Jenny she had a Paul Thek book on the table and we spoke about his work," said Christian Luiten, Avant Arte's co-founder and creative director. "I hadn't known he was lost to AIDS like so many other artists. So when Jenny mentioned we're partnering with the New York City AIDS Memorial on this edition, it felt like a good chance to share some of those stories and also raise awareness to our community about the ongoing battle against HIV and AIDS.

Holzer is part of a generation of artists' feminist branch that emerged around 1980, searching for new ways to make narrative or criticism an implicit part of visual objects. During this time she had been an involved member of Colab. Other famous female contemporaries include Barbara Kruger, Sarah Charlesworth, Cindy Sherman and Louise Lawler.

In other news, Under the Maison/Objects line Rick Owens has created a flurry of diverse homewares. The designer is known for his sleek, brutalism-inspired furniture; with similar design aesthetics, he is now adding wares to his namesake.

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