Already on general release in Germany.

By Balthazar Malevolent


Helmut Newton, the Germano-Australian photographer, is being honored in the first posthumous documentary on his subject while we celebrate the centenary of his birth. This film, already released in Germany, entitled "The Bad and the Beautiful," offers previously unseen accounts - all from women - about the work of this great master of the nude and smoothing voyeurism. 

Helmut Newton.

"Every photographer who claims not to be a voyeur is either an idiot or a liar" - a perfect example of Helmut Newton's outspoken attitude to life. He died in 2004 and is and will always be one of the world's most famous fashion and nude photographers. Imitated but never equaled, his photographs are all at once shocking, sensual and incredibly elegant and forged an international reputation for him. Starting in the 1970s, the Berlin photographer began to do nudes for major publications including Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harper's Bazaar. From the "Naked and Dressed" series where an army of models struck similar poses completely clothed and then wearing only socks, to the famously provocative portrait of Catherine Deneuve in 1976, the monochromatic oeuvre of Helmut Newton is filled with dominant and victorious women, all endowed with an assertive and overt sensuality. This photographer has long split opinions, often showered with compliments, often viewed as a misogynist objectivizing the female body. Yet what was the true ambition for Helmut Newton? 

That is the question raised by Helmut Newton's first posthumous documentary, called "The Bad and the Beautiful." Written and directed by the artist's close friend Gero Von Boehm, the film looks back on the life of a revolutionary who was far ahead of his time and exposed a previously unknown dimension of his personality: on his photo shoots we uncover a man overflowing with humor, as those close to him expose moments of laughter and unforeseen controversy. The documentary brings together the important women – and only the women – in his life and work to discuss him. A conscious decision by Gero Von Boehm whose specific intention was to place their voices at the core of the matter and the viewer's attention. So we see the wife of the photographer June Newton, the models Claudia Schiffer and Anna Wintour sharing their experiences alongside this great artist, among many others.

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