Gucci Mx Line Explores Gender Fluidity.

By Balthazar Malevolent

Gucci's first non-binary collection.

Gucci launched the first-ever non-binary, gender-fluid division known as Gucci Mx. Beginning with fall/winter 2020 and the re-release of its Jackie 1961 bag, Alessandro Michele's Gucci Mx will offer pieces each season that do not adhere to a particular gender.

Gucci's first non-binary collection.Gucci's first non-binary collection.Gucci's first non-binary collection.Gucci's first non-binary collection.

Gucci has hired Angelo Pennetta to shoot gender-neutral models wearing the aforementioned bag in honor of the gender-neutral design of the brand. The Jackie 1961 is an iconic classic of Gucci from the 60s and 70s, taking its name from Jackie Kennedy; it was one of her favorite designs - a big success for the luxury Italian label.

The campaign also features models sporting a wide variety of new-season clothing such as an impressive pair of sparkling metallic green flared pants and an equally 70s-esque doilie-lace shirt.

Check the new Gucci Mx campaign in the gallery above and discover the complete hand-picked collection of gender-fluid pieces.

Creative Director: Alessandro Michele

Art Direction: Christopher Simmonds

Photographer: Angelo Pennetta

Make-Up: Thomas De Kluyver

Hair Stylist: Cyndia Harvey

Location: Belgravia Street, London

Non-binary is a continuum of gender identities that are not predominantly male or female — those are identities outside the standard gender. Non-binary individuals may identify as having two or more genders, as having no gender, moving between genders or having a fluctuating gender identity being a third or other gender (a category that includes those who do not give their gender a name).

Gender identity is distinct from sexual or romantic preference and, much as cisgender people do, non-binary individuals have a number of sexual orientations. Non-binary gender identities, like androgyny, are not synonymous with a common description of the sex. Non-binary humans as a group have a wide range of expressions of gender, and some may fully oppose "identities" of the sex. Many non-binary individuals are diagnosed with surgery or drugs for gender dysphoria, as are trans males and females.

In other news, Rick Owens isn't into doing anything halfway. The Paris-based California-born designer is known for some of the most controversial and envelope-pushing concepts in the fashion industry, with runway shows to suit. Yet Spring/Summer 2021 "PHLEGETHON" is another matter. The line, closely lensed by Owens himself, is a selection of repurposed pieces from the previous collections of Owens, accompanied by new designs and concepts.

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