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By Balthazar Malevolent


For its new Artist Spotlight show, Gagosian presents Damien Hirst's Veil of Hidden Meaning (2017-2018) painting for 48 hours only. Emblematic of the Veil series by the artist, the work is characterized by moving, pulsing color layers and abstract forms. Bright dots of heavy impasto cover the entire canvas surface, while larger spots of paint unify the artwork of 120 inches by 96 inches. Hirst states that the collection of paintings together represents "something between you and someone else ... there are celebrations of avoiding something."

Damien Hirst's Veil of Hidden Meaning.

Hirst cited Impressionism and Abstract Expressionism as influences for his Veil collection, referring to the pointillist technique of Georges Seurat, Pierre Bonnard's use of color and Willem de Kooning's mastery of large-scale canvases. He imagined the paintings as a whole — the entire collection comprises 94 paintings — before working on the first one.

"The first thing I did was to paint all of the canvases in various colors," the artist explained. "I have a range of colors that I love and that I use again and again. They're like sweet shop colors and the colors of fruit and flowers; they 're my go-to hues. I used a longer-than-usual brush — not Matisse-style, but a bristle brush around two or two and a half foot long — just long enough to get a little more distance from the surface of the painting and not be awkward."

Currently, the artwork sells for $1.5 million USD.

Damien Steven Hirst is an English artist, businessman, and art dealer. Hirst is one of the Young British Artists (YBAs), who dominated the UK art scene during the 1990s. He is currently the wealthiest living artist in the United Kingdom, with the 2010 Sunday Times Rich List valuing his fortune at £215 m. His career was closely linked to the collector Charles Saatchi during the 1990s.

Rumors says that David and Victoria Beckham own a painting created by Damien Hirst.

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