Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi, known professionally as Khalid Al Qasimi, was an Emirati fashion designer in London.


Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi (6 April 1980 in Sharjah – 1 July 2019 in London), known professionally as Khalid Al Qasimi, was an Emirati fashion designer in London who founded the Qasimi fashion label. He was the second son of Sultan Bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi, who has been the ruler of the Emirate of Sharjah since 1972. He died after a sex-drug and cocaine binge at his luxury Knightsbridge flat.

A fashion designer died as a result of drug poisoning after taking the drugs GHB and cocaine, an inquest has heard.

The coroner Bernard Richmond QC said a post-mortem report by Dr. Michael Osborn had confirmed that the cause of death was drug-related.

“I am satisfied that Khalid Al Qasimi, aged 39, met his death when he was in his flat sometime between when Yohan left him on 30 June at 9 pm and when he was found by his cleaning lady the next day at 10.05 am,” Richmond said, according to the Mirror.

“It is plain from what I heard there is no suggestion of any third-party involvement or anything untoward being done by anybody else. It is quite clear from the detective I spoke with that the last person who saw him, Yohan, was spoken to and had explained they had been taking strong GHB and cocaine.

“There was nothing else that would account for his death, and he was found in the same place as Yohan had left him.”

Al Qasimi, the owner of British-based fashion label Qasimi Homme, had taken high levels of GHB and a recreational amount of cocaine, the toxicology report confirmed.

Relatives of the prince were reportedly not present. Still, his cleaner Maria Kisaohanyan – who had let herself into the apartment and found him sitting on the floor by a sofa, before raising the alarm – paid tribute to him.

“He was full of life, on top of his career and top of the world, very open-minded and very clever,” she told the court.

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