Italian artist Fabio Viale returns to Florence with a solo show at Galleria Poggiali.

By Balthazar Malevolent


The Italian artist Fabio Viale presents a story of degradation and restoration at the Galleria Poggiali in Florence, Italy, as part of his ongoing exhibition "Acqua alta high tide". Many truncated statues and fragments of vessels, arms, and heads of stone are reborn as noble work of art in a new spectacular display looking like a waterfall of marbles.

The Piedmont artist has exhibited 18 tons of stone chippings and marble sculptures cascading from the ceiling into the floor, filling the Florentine gallery's white space. The art installation, titled 'Emergences,' is a transposition of the artist's "Root'la" performance carried out in Gioia quarry of Carrara. The artwork resembles a portion of the 'Raveneto' quarry, an area where useless rubbles and chippings discarded during quarrying, traditionally cast downhill, generating a rocky marble waste slope. Viale replicated the process as part of the "Root'la'" show, hurling down several previously acquired and intentionally varied marble sculptures which resulted in the statues being cracked and mutilated and their parts destroyed. The disfigured artifacts, partially shapeless, have been retrieved and used for the gallery's monumental display.

"The scene illustrates a process of decay and rebuilding, falling and redemption," reads a statement from the gallery. "Viale has addressed the process of returning to the source and moulding of the artifact-work." The deliberate alteration of the shape and surface reinforces the vital power inherent in the material: "Scared of every figurative quality that linked it to the model, the sculpture now shows itself to be authentic, becoming a metaphor for human experience."

Fabio Viale was born in Cuneo, Italy. He began working professionally as a sculptor following his studies at the artistic high school and at the Turin's Accademia di Belle Arti.

The show runs through October 2020.

What if Rick Owens and Michele Lamy presented an installation made of shards and wrecks of their furniture pieces. How would it look like and what could be the message behind the artwork? Never hesitate to share your ideas with us!

Fabio Viale - A story of degradation and restoration.Fabio Viale - A story of degradation and restoration.Fabio Viale - A story of degradation and restoration.Fabio Viale - A story of degradation and restoration.Fabio Viale - A story of degradation and restoration.
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