Arsham was just twelve when Andrew Hurricane devastated his house. This traumatic part of the artist's biography continues to be a theme of his work.

By Balthazar Malevolent


After the launch of groundbreaking partnerships with the artists KAWS, Hajime Sorayama and Raymond Pettibon, Dior Homme creative director Kim Jones engaged in artistic conversation with the American, Daniel Arsham, for his series of men's Summer 2020: an encounter inspired by the House's history weaving itself into the future like an odyssey, radiating across all the creative fields, from silhouettes and accessories to the scenography.

Daniel Arsham Gives Dior the “Future Relics” Treatment.

The multidisciplinary of Arsham combines art, architecture and performance. Arsham was born in Miami, Florida; he was just twelve when Andrew Hurricane devastated his house. This traumatic part of the artist's biography continues to be a theme of his work. Arsham graduated from the Design and Architecture High School and received a full scholarship from the New York City Cooper Union. In 2003, he won the Gelman Trust Fellowship Award.

Arsham moved back to Miami after graduating from school, and opened up an exhibition space named "The House" with several artist fellows. It was in 2004 that Daniel met Emmanuel Perrotin through The House. By 2005, Daniel Arsham's work has been shown at the Gallerie Perrotin in Paris.

Shortly afterward Arsham was invited to create stage design and tour with the Dance Company of choreographer Merce Cunningham leading to continuing stage design practice and continued partnership with choreographer and former Cunningham's dancer, Jonah Boaker.

In 2007 Arsham and his partner Alex Mustonen have founded Snarkitecture. The partnership in architecture has included work with fashion companies, interior and architectural design, and a full line of practical object design.

In 2014 Arsham founded Films of the Future. This production company synthesizes all the creative output Arsham has produced over the last ten years and creates a visual system in which his otherworldly and futuristic artwork might exist. His debut series, Future Relic, was being made for two years, and consists of nine short films portraying a potential world before and after Earth is experiencing significant ecological changes. Arsham often includes in his shows sculptures of petrified media artifacts of the twentieth century made to look like artifacts rotting from obsolescence.

Arsham's Hourglass is a trilogy of Adidas shoes-sponsored films that represent the past, present, and future following Daniel as he journeys through time wearing the Adidas Originals x himself collaboration shoes.

Recently, he was named to the HB100 list by HypeBeast for their top 100 industry influencers.

Daniel Arsham x Dior SS20 includes clothing, jewelry, accessories, and shoes inspired by Arsham's artwork and sculptures.

It is through working with choreographer Merce Cunningham that Daniel Arsham learned the importance of collaborations. Before moving on to assist another master of performing arts, Bob Wilson, he created a number of set designs for this groundbreaking contemporary dance icon, even landing himself projects for the "Rules of the Game" ballet with musician Pharrell Williams and choreographer Jonah Bokaer.

Although color blind, it is only in recent years - thanks to specially designed glasses - that he has moved into color, an endeavor that has often led him to experiment with monochrome colors, like a shadow painter. His plays lie at the crossroads of the arts: painting, design and sculpture.

Daniel Arsham performs an artistic meditation on time like a potential archaeologist. The concept of eroded vestiges inspires casts of everyday objects, transfigured into a geologically evocative material. Crystal or volcanic ash crack and widen like familiar traces of a bygone era, or signs of a future horizon. Arsham converses with what is not yet, by spinning an allure of the past on our present.

He mined the House's archives alongside the artistic director Kim Jones for his Summer 2020 men's collection. Magnified by the deterioration of time, his reinterpretation of the logo on the Saddle bag, shaped like an antique, or Dior's famous "newspapers" print made for the couture show Spring-Summer 2000, are enthralling.

Daniel Arsham's way of applying himself to the creation of other pieces and his show scenography – a sparkling pink and white collection that takes us into a oneiric universe – allowed this latest creative partnership an endless exploration of the cosmos and temporalities.

Year 2020 is indeed a new era of collaborations. Feeling thrilled to find out who is going to be the next "victim" or Rick Owens, Alexander Wang, or Boris Bidjan Saberi's after the end of the pandemic.

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