David LaChapelle is best known for his photography, which often references art history and sometimes conveys social messages.

By Balthazar Malevolent


Called the “Fellini of photography,” David LaChapelle has not stolen his reputation as the artistic director who knows how to give a dramatic kick to his shots. His works are known for their vivid colors, his half-naked models with arousing sculpted bodies and their dense and precise composition reminiscent of Christian iconography, depicting apocalyptic, at times miraculous, or comic scenes in which kitsch is equal to drama. Below is a throwback to the American photographer's boundless imagination through ten of his most beautiful images.

David LaChapelle - Last Supper.

David LaChapelle is a famous American video artist and photographer. He is best known for his celebrities' and models' portraits such as Amanda Lepore and Angelina Jolie on commercial fashion. The signature combination of vivid, futuristic imagery by LaChapelle carries both the influence of Surrealism and Pop Art. His use of total or partial nudity in numerous advertisements and editorial shoots, often humorous or provocative, prompted Helmut Newton to remark, "Much nudity is just free. But David LaChapelle is one who makes me laugh. I think he's very clever and funny." A desirous consumer of pop culture, LaChapelle is also inspired by the breadth of art history, often evoking the Renaissance paintings' compositions or poses. LaChapelle was born in Fairfield, CT on March 11, 1963, his early work has been noticed by Andy Warhol, who later offered him a job at Interview Magazine in the 1980s. His photos are included amongst others in the collections of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, London's National Portrait Gallery, and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. He now lives in New York, NY, and works there.

David LaChapelle is also a fine-art filmmaker, producer of music videos and films. LaChapelle photography frequently refers to art history and sometimes transmits social messages. His photographic style was described as "hyper-real and slyly subversive" and "surreal kitsch pop." Once called the “Fellini of photography,” LaChapelle has worked for international publications and had his art displayed around the world in commercial galleries and institutions.

Based entirely on rumor and gossip, we are hoping to see Rick Owens x David LaChapelle fashion collaboration in 2021. This is always exciting when commercial pop-art meets avantgarde! Stay tuned!

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