I will elaborate a bit on the nature of the interaction between art ‘objects’ in relation to ‘understanding’ and ‘engagement’ with art ‘exhibition.’

By Lucky ₃₃


Art ‘objects’ are partly ‘unified’—with different elements and possibly several new ‘permutations’ of valid propositions to visualize or ‘discern’ an unveiled ‘order.’

Art ‘exhibition’ is an object in itself—a ‘symbiosis’ of interdependent, autonomous objects in ‘relation’ to one another until a stable climax or ‘vibration’ is reached—a certain perception or ‘resonance’ of its ‘language’ is clarified or ‘objectified’—which can be considered a ‘ritual’ ceremony—an object of ‘mutualism.’

Cody Leeder and Victor Sajenko in Paris Bourse Stock Market
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