Walnut wood and double-walled glass bottle carafe.

By Balthazar Malevolent


Throughout the course of this year, Brunello Cucinelli evolved gradually into the world of absolutely insane lifestyle products. The company – best known for its classically conservative menswear made from the most rarefied fabrics – launched a walnut-wood globe earlier this summer for $2,195 USD. 

And look no further for those looking for something with more practicality on a day-to-day basis: the brand has just launched its own version of a reusable water bottle – but, of course, it's a little more elevated than a Nalgene. Listed as "a double-walled glass bottle carafe", it's yours for $995 USD. 

Walnut wood and double-walled glass bottle carafe.

For fairness, the bottle is crafted in Solomeo, a small medieval Italian village that has become the site of Cucinelli's factories. And its double-layered structure — made of mouth-blown glass — is designed to keep its contents from hitting room temperature too quickly. 

In 1979, Brunello Cucinelli launched his couture house with a focus for women's cashmere garments. Every year, Cucinelli travels personally in the Mongolian mountains to buy cashmere directly from the farmers. 

The products of the company are all handmade in Italy. The family trust of Mr. Cucinelli holds 57 percent of the company's stock, which went public at €7.75 per share in 2012. The business has its headquarters in a castle dating from the 14th century on the top of a hill in the center of Umbria, a region known as Italy's green heart.

The company claims to be profoundly rooted in moral ideals, such as being a "humanistic enterprise" and using craftsmanship to lend moral integrity to the artisan as well as to the owner.

In other news, Rick Owens returns with a new footwear release in the form of the black Bozo Chelsea boot, after dropping the colorful Maximal Runner sneaker in an eye-catching burgundy and blue colorway.

Handcrafted with rubber strips, layered to mimic tape strappings, this boot is said to draw on the designer's passion for creative textural play. The Bozo is a reworking of the traditional Chelsea boot shape with elasticated side-gussets, a heel pull, and black leather lining.

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