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Blumarine is an Italian fashion brand. Anna Molinari was born in Carpi, Italy. The brand started in 1977 when she started working with her current husband, Jean Paolo Tarabini. Started "Blumarine" in Italy in 1980.

Anna Morinari starts her business from knitwear, which was a traditional industry in Carpi, Reggio Emilia. The reason for starting the knit business was that Anna Morinari's father ran one of the leading knit factories in Carpi. The factory had a lot of work like "subcontracting the famous French brand". Anna Morinari has been familiar with yarn since she was a child, and after graduating from art school, she takes over the business of her parents. At that time, Anna Morinari will compete with her own brand, not with a subcontractor."

Her husband, Giampaolo Tarabini, will be a great force to make her dream come true. He is an Austrian aristocrat and from a well-known family. He organized a company that did not overdo his wife's industry and gradually moved to the tailoring business. Established Blufin in 1977 to establish a fashion brand.

In 1980, he presented the "Blumarine" collection, named after his favorite sea, at the Italian International Fashion Trade Fair in Milan. There, he won the Best Designer Award. Participated in the Milan Collection since 1987.

In 1995, in order to emphasize the difference between "Blumarine" and the popular version, "Anna Molinari" was newly announced. Designed by her daughter Rossella Molinari from 1998 S/S.

In 1996, started BLUGIRL as a casual line.

Rossella Molinari, daughter of Anna Molinari and now a designer, was born in 1969 in Carpi, Italy. Growing up in a fashionable environment, as she commented, "When I was a kid, the button warehouse was a playground." Studied art at the University of Bologna and language and art in London. After working in Italy for Vogue, in 1994, joined as an art director of her mother's brand "Blumarine Anna Molinari". 1995 Started "Anna Molinari Couture". Since 1998, she has inherited "Blumarine Anna Molinari" from her mother and was promoted to designer. Married and now the name of Rossella Tarabini.

The Carpi company Blufin launches the autumn-winter 2017-18 advertising campaigns of its two brands. The Blumarine collection is played by the Russian supermodel Irina Shayk, famous not only for her disturbing beauty, but also for her relationship with Hollywood star Bradley Cooper from whom a little girl

The campaign aims to celebrate the spirit and aesthetics of the Maison, which celebrates its fortieth anniversary, enhancing the woman's body and silhouette in a sensual and romantic way. Irina Shayk thus represents a seductive woman who is strong in her femininity, showing off security and sophistication in every situation, emphasized by the choice of extremely sensual clothes. The images were taken by photographers Luigi & Iango at Alder Manor, a residence not far from New York. The villa, built at the beginning of the twentieth century in a neo-Renaissance style, has deliberately decadent interiors.

Blugirl instead set the campaign for next winter, shot by photographer Michelangelo Di Battista, inside the Carpi house of the designer Anna Molinari. The Blugirl woman, played by model Robin Van Halteren, presents herself with a completely new face: while maintaining the spontaneity and lightness that characterize her, she becomes more decisive and aware. She is cosmopolitan and loves to mix garments inspired by different cultures, which refer to the places most loved by Anna Molinari. "In my life, I have worked a lot and traveled a lot." says the designer from Carpi. Each time I wanted someone beside me to guide the journey to be free to contaminate me with the beauty of the place and to collect its impulses

Marchi, the turning point for Blumarine. Marco Marchi protagonist on all the main online fashion magazines. A few days after the debut of the new Blumarine on the catwalk at the Milan fashion week, the entrepreneur talks to Cruvoir about the relaunch of the brand founded by Anna Molinari and buys from its holding company Excellence Italian (which also includes the Liu Jo brand) at the end of 2019.

The first collection (Spring-Summer 2021) signed by Nicola Brognano, the young designer who has the by no means easy task of “replacing” Molinari at the helm of Blumarine's creative direction, will be showing in Milan. Marchi revealed the brand's future plans to the sector newspapers, as well as the employment situation of Blufin's 90 employees, the listing objectives and any new acquisitions.

As for the employees, the entrepreneur admits that he initially planned for layoffs. With Covid19, government aid and layoffs, however, plans have changed and the intention is not to fire anyone anymore. "I intend to propose to some employees to convert into new roles, provided they accept the change".

Change that also affects distribution that focuses on multi-brand stores and no longer on single-brand stores. The showroom in via Manzoni in Milan was closed with the entrance to the Riccardo Grassi Showroom, as well as several proprietary stores. “Apart from the Blumarine store in Rome and a few stores in Asia, particularly Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, the brand's main stores have been closed in recent years; we also closed the flagship store in via della Spiga in Milan, because we think the style of the street is changing ”. The relaunch projects will also concern two other Blufin brands: Anna Molinari and Blugirl. There will be no more space, however, for Be Blumarine.


The campaign embodies the spirit and aesthetics of the brand, which is celebrating its fortieth anniversary this year. As a result, the woman's silhouette has become even more sensual and romantic. Irina Shayk becomes a reflection - a seductive woman who is strong in her femininity and seems self-confident and sophisticated. This is further emphasized by the choice of sensual dresses. The pictures were taken by photographers Luigi and Yango in Alder Manor, a residence near New York. The villa, built in the early 20th century in a neo-Renaissance style, is the perfect backdrop for a campaign.

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