A new short film from Balenciaga, entitled ‘Live to Love,’ celebrates the energy and uncertainty of growing up.

By Balthazar Malevolent


Written and directed by Maurus Vom Scheidt, the short follows several characters as they experience moments of change or discovery, featuring pieces from the Fall 2020 collections. There is no dialogue, and all actions are internal: the storytelling is handled by bodies, eyes, faces, and colors. A young couple discovers their dream apartment together in one storyline; in another, an old couple, as they dance they fall in love all over again. Although it doesn't specifically invoke Pride, the sense of embracing love and freedom implicitly endorses the message of Pride.

Balenciaga's "Live to Love" Fall 2020 ad campaign film.

The film is produced elegantly. Its color scheme is beautifully cohesive: the grey of glass and concrete gives off rare red and ice blue flashes. Sensitive camerawork focuses on the movement and lighting emotional effects. A score fusing orchestral and electronic elements swells to suit the emotional beats.

While the film feels successful, it suffers from its own ambition to a little bit. Mostly it feels just too long: it sees itself as offering an intimate glimpse of inner action, but it gives us too many different characters and storylines to form a meaningful connection with any one of them, especially when we don't really know what's going on. When the soundtrack swells, and each scene reaches a certain emotional resolution, we are left with only a vague sense of happiness and rest, though without knowing why. It's still a nice way to highlight the collection, however, as well as sending an uplifting message never to stop discovering love.

The campaign was filmed earlier this year by Maurus vom Scheidt in Berlin in January – a director who is known primarily for his commercial work with foreign non-fashion brands. Balenciaga's Autumn Winter 2020 collection is a celebration of urban life. From conversations, activities, and objects that, wherever we are, can offer us feelings of comfort and trust.

The film itself is a collection of heart-warming vignettes and an intense music buildup that conjures up the almost teary-like inner-stomach feelings of the Love Actually airport montages. If you know you know.

Rumors say that Mugler are going to release a short movie this year within their new season's campaign. Looking forward to watching it!

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