Heavily drawing from its iOS.

By Balthazar Malevolent


A totally new look for the operating system, this time around, Apple drew heavily from its iOS to include a familiar translucent, customizable Control Notification Centers. On the longer menu bar and more rounded windows, the translucent theme is continued, while bigger pull-down menus and the pinning items ability allow for improved ease of use. Additionally, Apple has made it so that the font color of the interface changes to reflect the background tones of the desktop, and Dock buttons have been redesigned to iOS-inspired.

Apple: Macos Big Sur.Apple: Macos Big Sur.

On the end of the apps, for better functionality, Mail, Photos, Notes, iWork and Maps have all been reworked to borrow cues from the iOS apps. Messages will also get the new search feature (organizing results by connections, images and matching terms), inline responses, customizable icon, @-sign mentions for group chats, new interface for the photo collection, and message effects like Memoji. Big Sur will allow users to pin up to 9 chats, synchronizing lists of conversations across iOS and iPadOS messages. Finally, Apple also introduced a selection of new Catalyst apps and upgraded SwiftUI to make creating apps and adding custom Mac features easier for developers.

The macOS Big Sur will also be introducing a major update to Safari which, according to Apple, will help popular websites to load the browser 50 percent faster than Chrome and is easier on battery. Revamped browser features include tab previews, new options for the right-clicking tab, customizable start page, and built-in automatic seven-language webpage translation. In addition, a dedicated extension store within the App Store will help develop more third-party browser support in tune with new customizability options.

New privacy features found on Big Sur include a Privacy Report that notes blocked cross-site trackers over the last 30 days, a password monitoring tool, and a breakdown of data storage that reveals what information apps have collected, when shared with third parties.

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