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The Maison Margiela Transitory Concept Store

A new Maison Margiela concept store has appeared in Lower Manhattan. It is not only a regular store, of course, but an ever-changing one that will eventually evolve into a permanent space. The store, though scheduled to run through July 2020, is temporarily closed like many others due to Corona virus, exists as the Maison Margiela Transitory Concept Store, with five art exhibitions curated by former creative director of Barneys (RIP) Dennis Freedman. Jessi Reaves's practical sculptures - that shoppers could sit on while trying out a pair of classic Tabi boots from the label - as well as Tabor Robak's video installation. The second fixture invites you to sit down on one of Rob Pruitt's silver chairs, which are covered with duct tape. Here you can find Wurtz's "Pan Paintings," or wall sculptures made of roasting pans and those aluminum food containers that you see at every holiday party and BBQ. Each cycle promises to expand the label 's commitment to art, or at least tempt your credit card whenever you put your foot in the store.

Inside the new Margiela store in New York City.

The Eduardo Terrazas Lady Dior Art bag

The Mexican artist Eduardo Terrazas has gained notoriety as one of the visual elements designers for the Mexico City 1968 Olympic Games. He graduated from architecture, and soon began experimenting with traditional Mexican folk art, namely the Huichol people's techniques arranging yarn on wax-covered boards to create brightly colored designs. His work was first recognised at 1969's Biennale at the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, and more than half a century later he returned to Paris, collaborating with Christian Dior on the new Lady Dior Art bag series. Terrazas' bag features his signature geometric designs made in brightly colored calfskin, or embellished with tiny woodwork. Getting lost in his patterns is a bit of a zen experience, so this is a statement to wear this bag, for sure, but it is also a bit of on-the-go therapy.

One of Eduardo Terrazas designs for Dior - New Lady Dior art collection.

"Nightclubbing” perfume by Celine

It's nice to have a signature fragrance, but often it's good to mark the start of a new year with a new perfume — or some other new beginning. Much like getting your hair cut, you can accumulate your personal energy by wearing a new perfume. Can we recommend changing your direction to one of the latest scents created by Hedi Slimane for Celine? "Nightclubbing," as the title implies, with dark undertones that hark back to those seemingly never-ending nights that are the essence of being young — living carelessly in the world, going out on weekends, just seeing where the evening's energy takes you. This fragrance truly brings Slimane's signature heady, nocturnal aesthetic alive with notes of tree moss, vanilla and musk. A shift in lifestyle is just one spritz away. A suggestion for a great night out: this perfume pairs perfectly with Grace Jones' Nightclubbing listening.

Nightclubbing - the new scent Hedi Slimane has created for Celine.

Inevitable Rick Owens Geobaskets

Geobaskets have been manufactured by Olmar and Mirta in Modena, Italy, as most of Rick Owens's apparel and footwear. They have an iconic vulcanized rubber sole seen on most Rick Owens shoes, recognizable by a serrated outsole and a singularly ridged 270 degrees stitched midsole that stretches far up the toebox. This sole adds a lot to the feel, toughness and heft of the shoe. Geobaskets have a prominent leather cushioned bottom, which is just above the collar of the shoe. They have substantial structuring, which helps the leather to retain its shape even with the worn soles. The perforated, extended toebox is designed not to crease as one would often find in leather boots – instead Rick Owens created padded folds at the tongue and toebox intersection that help when worn. The inner side of the shoe is accomplished with a heavy YKK chrome zipper. Although Geobaskets can be found in many different leathers, the most popular versions are made of a soft calf skin.

Rick Owens Geobaskets.
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