13 Things you need to know about Rick Owens

By Cody


1. Rick Owens’s full name is actually Richard Saturnino Owens, and he was born on 18 November 1962.

2. Rick Owens was brought up in California, an area associated with frequent low-intensity earthquakes and the production of citrus fruits, though considerably less known for avant-garde fashion!

3. Rick Owens’s mum Concepción was a school teacher and seamstress, and his dad, John, was a social worker. Connie treks to Paris each season to proudly watch their son’s latest collections being shown.

4. Rick Owens wasn’t allowed to watch TV at home until he was 16 years old. Instead, the sounds of classical music from the likes of Wagner shook the walls, and classic literature by Karl Huysmans, Confucius, Aristotle, and Pierre Loti lined the bookshelves.

5. Rick Owens attended the local Catholic school. He recalled, in an interview with THE INDEPENDENT, “It was hard, it was very hard. I mean, the other kids were vicious, like animals.” Eeek!

6. Rick Owens’s first job involved working for a company that produced illegal copies– or “knock-offs” as Rick cheekily refers to them — of designer clothing.

7. Rick Owens used to be a massive caner often embarking on booze benders, and the next day not being able to remember where he had parked his car the night before, or even where he had actually been! He eventually ditched the partying when he realized he felt like he was dying.

8. Rick Owens originally founded his own label in 1994, selling his designs to one of LA’s most forward-thinking fashion boutiques, Charles Gallay, and gaining high-profile fans such as grunge queen Courtney Love.

9. In 2004, Rick Owens and Michèle bought and moved into a five-story mansion in Paris’ seventh arrondissement, which used to be the HQ of the French Socialist Party. At first, it was full of dreary offices and weird partitioned rooms, but the twosome soon gutted the place and gave it a thorough Homes Under The Hammer (and Sickle)-Esque makeover. They also own a lush apartment in Venice.

10. Rick Owens goes to the gym every day, which explains his impressive sinewy physique. (He used to sometimes see fellow designers Marc Jacobs and Bernhard Willhelm at the same gym he used

11. Rick Owens’s hair is naturally curly, but with the aid of chemical straightening, a hefty dollop of BigenJapanese dye, and a squirt of Aesop shampoo, he rigorously maintains his trademark fab sleek, long black locks.

12. Rick Owens always takes a 45-minute nap each afternoon to refresh himself and refocus his energy.

13. Rick Owens is a big fan of the designer Charles James who, prior to his death in 1978, was one of the most influential womenswear designers of the 20th century. Rick also loves the work of legendary Hollywood costumier Adrian who dressed all the major female film stars in the 1920s and 30s and even designed Judy Garland’s ultra-camp sequinned ruby slippers for The Wizard of Oz.

Facts taken from i-D UK article

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