Rolling Stone included Cobain in its lists of the100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time, 100 Greatest Guitarists, and 100 Greatest Singers of All Time.

By Balthazar Malevolent


Kurt Cobain experienced the heights of glory in the early 90s. A founding member of the Nirvana band, he became, in just two years, one of the leading figures of the Seattle grunge scene. The proof of that is their second "Nevermind" album of 1991, which still remains one of the best-selling albums in the world. Kurt Cobain has also had a tumultuous relationship with Courtney Love, who he met after a Nirvana concert in Portland. Frances Bean Cobain, a daughter of Kurt and Courtney, was born later in 1992. However, their fate changed on April 8, 1994, when the artist has been found lifeless in his home in Seattle. Kurt Cobain thus joined the 27-club together with Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse and Jim Morrison. Below, you will find the selection of the most remarkable photographs of the 90s' icon.

Cobain's rhythm guitar style, focusing on power chords, low-note riffs, and a loose left-handed technique, featured the band's main components. Originally, Cobain would often play a verse riff of a song in a clean tone, then double it with distorted guitars as he would repeat the section. In certain songs, the guitar would be completely absent from the verses to give the opportunity to the drums and bass guitar to support the vocals, or it would only play simple melodies such as the two-note pattern used in "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Cobain never played traditional guitar solos, opting to play variations of the melodies of songs in the way of single-note lines. Cobain's solos were often blues-based and discordant, described by the music writer Jon Chappell as "almost an iconoclastic parody of the conventional instrumental break," a quality distinguished by the note-for-note replication of the lead theme in "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and the atonal solo for "Breed". Once Kurt Cobain said: "I have no concept of how to be a musician, whatsoever. I couldn't even pass Guitar 101."

Various designers, including Rick Owens, would use Kurt Cobain's music in their fashion shows earlier in the 2000s.

Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain et leur fille Frances Bean Cobain aux MTV Music Video Awards 1993.Kurt Cobain de Nirvana lors d'un concert à Francfort en Allemagne le 12 novembre 1991.Flea des Red Hot Chili Peppers et Kurt Cobain.Kurt Cobain du groupe Nirvana sur scène à New York.Kurt Cobain du groupe Nirvana sur scène à New York.Kurt Cobain.Kurt Cobain du groupe Nirvana sur scène à New York.Kurt Cobain de Nirvana lors d'un concert à Amsterdam le 25 novembre 1991.Kurt Cobain aux studios Hilversum aux Pays-Bas en 1991.Eugene Kelly et Kurt Cobain sur scène en 1991.
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