Yang Li, Men’s Spring 2017

June 27, 2016

Posted in Yang Li


Music has been a profound influence for Yang Li. As has the ephemera and detritus of the band merchandise that surrounds it. 

The vernacular visual language of band iconography has been a source book that has been appropriated by fashion. This trend has a long history but has not been addressed in detail. The intention for Yang Li is to explore this idea without being fettered to the fashion system. 

yang-li-mens-ss17-1 yang-li-mens-ss17-2 yang-li-mens-ss17-3 yang-li-mens-ss17-4 yang-li-mens-ss17-5 yang-li-mens-ss17-6 yang-li-mens-ss17-7 yang-li-mens-ss17-8 yang-li-mens-ss17-9 yang-li-mens-ss17-10 yang-li-mens-ss17-11 yang-li-mens-ss17-12 yang-li-mens-ss17-13 yang-li-mens-ss17-14 yang-li-mens-ss17-15 yang-li-mens-ss17-16 yang-li-mens-ss17-17 yang-li-mens-ss17-18 yang-li-mens-ss17-19 yang-li-mens-ss17-20 yang-li-mens-ss17-21 yang-li-mens-ss17-22 yang-li-mens-ss17-23 yang-li-mens-ss17-24 yang-li-mens-ss17-25 yang-li-mens-ss17-26 yang-li-mens-ss17-27