VETEMENTSxSTARWARS: Probably the Most Expensive Merch in the World

December 16, 2019

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Today, on the 16th of December 2019 VETEMENTSxSTARWARS collection went on sale worldwide.

The collaboration was kept in complete secret; it seems that until last week only few people really knew about it. No joke, even shops had to buy the collection blindly. And this is not an exaggeration: VETEMENTS employees described to buyers over the phone what they would eventually get on the shelves of their stores. Disney insisted on such an unprecedented secrecy (in 2012 they acquired Lucasfilm, that is in charge of the Star Wars) protecting the secrets of their own film projects with the same care – including ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ despite the fact that the movie will be available at the theatres next week, not a single spoiler has leaked.

However, despite the effect of surprise, it is impossible to name this collaboration otherwise than obvious. Over the five and a half years of its existence, VETEMENTS managed to make close friends with pop culture – do you remeber the famous hoodie with the Titanic poster? Ironically, a skirt with The Star Wars poster appeared in the same collection. It was not ‘Star Wars’ written on it but ‘Star Girls’ – just to avoid the legal issues. “This time we were able to make it with a real poster and a real monogram,” Gvasalia reports with pride.

The limited collection itself consists of 44 items: not only hoodies and t-shirts of course, although without them the line would not have been accomplished. In fact, this is the base or a ‘uniform’ VETEMENTS have reinvented in the Star Wars format. “At the finale of our second show, we have had a long white tee with a season written on its back,” says Guram. “In this collaboration there is one which is exactly the same but with the list of all characters of the saga at the back”.

Does Gvasalia believe that there is too much of ‘collective creativity’ in the modern world? “Yes, a few years ago there was a period when everyone began to stamp collaborations, not understanding their meaning. After all, what is collaboration? This is what should remain in history. But at the end it turned out to be a lot of nonsense. And then we decided to retreat for a while. But now the storm has abated. And now this is the right time for VETEMENTSxSTARWARS. Everything has its time in life.”