The Most Interesting Facts About the Bvlgari x Alexander Wang Collection

December 16, 2019

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“What is the most important thing in this collaboration? Turning packaging into a luxury item” – says the 35-year-old Alexander Wang. – I was always fascinated by the process, one might even call it a ceremony of an expensive purchase: all these beautiful packages, cases, boxes. I decided to give the major role to these things.” Each of the six models of bags in the “Serpenti through the eyes of Alexander Wang” collection exist in different variations: you can choose the skin of a calf, python or lizard, as well as black, white or mint colors. Shopping Tote resembles a paper bag, while Minaudière looks like a jewelry box. Belt Bag, in a very classical form, has become a transformer of a new generation – in addition to a short handle, it also has a long one with a chain, as well as a belt that allows you to carry the bag on your belt. All of them are crowned with a clasp (and Belt Bag – even with two at once) in the shape of the head of a snake – the Bvlgari brand name.

The romance of an adult American designer, who was recently being considered as a prodigy child, with an old Italian brand began a year and a half ago, when Bvlgari invited him to Rome to get acquainted with the archives. “Then I saw how much we have in common. Bvlgari honors tradition, but values innovation even more. I was infatuated by the story that their iconic snake bracelet was inspired by the gas station hose! I do the same: I take something ordinary and put it in a different context.”

Wang tries to guess the desires of the public and is being upset if it doesn’t work out. “It is important for me to create not just a fashionable and comfortable thing. I want her to carry emotion and maybe even magic. It seems that this time everything has worked out! ”