Thamanyah, SS16 ‘I Won’t Mind If You Forget Me’ Mens Lookbook

June 29, 2015

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The Spring 2016 collection re-mixes gulf influences and Italian tailoring with diverse, all-natural noble fibers. The finest Japanese denims, Egyptian cottons, and sustainable hemp are juxtaposed with classic cool wool. Raw selvedge on sanforized denim offer unexpected highlights on seams and pockets. Egyptian mako cotton jersey is used for an athletic inspired kandora while stylized bedouin motifs of the Gulf are interpreted in the softest, sustainable hemp, cashmere and silk threads. Revisiting Thamanyah shirting and kandoras with an artisan manufacturer from the Veneto region of Italy brings old-world knowledge to a new generation, while hand crafted screen prints and embroidery blend beautifully with iconic styles like the razor crotch pant and burqua, reflecting a modern and relaxed take on sartorial heritage.

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