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ELLERY: From Architectural Silhouettes to Artistic Inspirations

November 28, 2019

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From architectural silhouettes to artistic inspirations,ELLERY encourages self-expression with a decisive andavant-garde aesthetic. A luxury womenswear label born in Australia, based in Paris. ELLERY empowers women through design with a decisive and avant-garde aesthetic. Based in Paris and made in Italy. The brand’s core signature transcends trends and promotes timelessness, re-inventing classics with a decadent […]

Dion Lee: Experimental Construction Combined with Traditional Tailoring

November 27, 2019

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Dion Lee is a designer brand hailing from Sydney, Australia, established in 2009 by its eponymous Creative Director. Renowned for experimental construction combined with traditional tailoring, the brand has pioneered a modern identity for Australian fashion. The Dion Lee aesthetic is technical with an intelligent sensuality. Each collection marries innovative construction, with a consciousness of […]