Artist Candice Lin

By Robert Leckie

For the past decade, Los Angeles – based artist Candice Lin has investigated the cultures and histories embedded in objects and materials related to colonial trade, alternative healing practices, and bodily functions. These include tobacco, urine, and tea as well as live insects and dead animals- in other words, things that carry stranger textures, more pungent scents, and heavier burdens than typical art materials. She is also a skilled and endlessly curious craftsperson who transforms these things and the stories they tell into artworks that mobilize critical issues such as RACE, GENDER, AND TRAUMA in unconventional ways.

This approach has led to some WILD combinations in recent years, including dozens of baby mice preserved in glass jar filled with alcohol and dried wheat (Recipe for Spontaneous Generation: Baby Mice [2015]), a giant papier-maché model of an ant’s head sheltering some bright pink sheepskin rugs and fungus tea ( You are a Parasite [2015]) and a hexagonal terrarium filled with live Madagascan hissing cockroaches, fed on candied fruit and a sugar-paste replica of a Chinese porcelain vase (A warner for Survalists: White Gold [2016]). It has also resulted in some significant installations commissioned for solo exhibitions at Gasworks in London (A Body Reduced to Brilliant Colour [2016]) and Bétonsalon in Paris ( A Hard White Body/ Un corps blanc exquis [2017]), both of which have informed the development of her current show, Meaningless Squiggles, at François Ghebaly gallery in Los Angeles.

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