For the Creative Director of cult Belgian brand Ann Demeulemeester, his silence is steeped in SYMBOLISM, and HYPNOTICALLY speaks volumes on the contemporary yearning for romantic androgyny and poetic nostalgia. Power is silence. It may sound like an oxymoron, but not for French fashion designer Sébastien Meunier.

styled by barbara CONSTANTIN

Sébastien Meunier’s restrained yet edgy designs are leading a quiet REVOLUTION TO PUSH THE BOUNDARIES of individual expression without going over the edge.

I find your exploration of gender and sexuality intriguing. You’ve said your boys are feminine and your girls are powerful women.

“My girls protect my boys. They are there to let them be free and that’s the beauty of it. “

What are they protecting them from and do they need protection even in today’s day and age of openness and inclusivity?

” I always feel that women are more mature than men and have an instinctively protective nature.I also think in our world today, women in fact DO EVERYTHING. They work, they bear children, they are able to do more. In a way, they do this to protect their family even more. They progress in protecting constantly by maintaining a sense of coherence, a certain freedom but also a certain discipline, well placed and well balanced.

And for me, a man is a child his entire life. Ofcourse they become adults, they become serious, but there is still a part that is more childish. Men are less secure and need a certain moment when they can play and if women need that too, they don’t express it the same way and are more protective of their boyfriends, husbands, fathers, and children. Also, it seems that women take gender roles more seriously than men- men really do it to be more free but women do it to allow others to be free.

“Romanticism is something that comes from centuries and millennia and it has always shown the softness of humanity. A kind of poetry that expresses a warm, precious and educated life. At the end, it’s about love. I would like people to to live together with the freedom of being who and what they are. It’s about becoming more relaxed with yourself and thinking more about others. If we look at romanticism and all the symbolism in the 19th century, all these artists were pushing humanity to an elevated state.

“Even if it is romantic, I also try to make it a little edgy and punk each time. “

It can’t too romantic otherwise it becomes a bit boring, It has to be balanced. It is difficult to explain because I do this instinctively. If you think too rationally then you loose the MAGIC.