Proenza Schouler FW2020

January 29, 2020

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Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough became stars in the fashion world back in the college days. Their degree collection of women’s clothing and accessories appeared in Barneys and has immediately been sold out. Proenza Schouler has appeared on the market this way, and the name of the brand has been taken from the maiden names of the mothers of its founders. Today, their brand is being called The New Givenchy or Balenciaga.

Proenza Schouler has reached its stellar recognition in September 2008, when Amy Adams, the winner of the Academy Award nomination for the Best Supporting Actress, had appeared on the red carpet in the brand’s dress – the label was nominated for a CFDA award in the category “Best Women’s Clothing Designers”. In November 2008, the iconic PS1 bag was launched, being inspired by the classical American school satchels.

Passion for leather, futuristic design and custom materials are being expressed in Proenza Schouler shoes. Since the first collection, they managed to sign a contract with Onward Luxury Group, which helps them create feminine shoes, surreal sandals, boots, sliders and sneakers. The best-known combination of suede and finest leather, often styled as python, is combined with a vibrant ring clasp called Grommet. The lineup has everything from calfskin winter boots to metal toe booties.

In 2020, the brand continues to retain fans with its conceptual, architectural and sexual aesthetics.

From an interview with Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, taken by Chloe Sevigny for the “Interview” magazine

CS: I want to know the correct pronunciation of the brand name Proenza Schouler.

JM: The brand name is pronounced “Proenza Schooler”. And many people carry on saying “Shuler.”

CS: The brand is called Schooler, and it has nothing to do with the school. They probably think that to say “Shuler” is more convenient.
LH: This is the same as saying “Donna Kaa-ran.” My parents pronounce the name of the brand this way.

CS: And my manager, with whom I have been working for almost 20 years, still incorrectly pronounces my last name. He speaks Seven-ay.
LH: And how do you say it in a right way?

CS: Sevign-ee. Yeah, there is sheer confusion with these names. By the way, I’ve always been interested in this: calling a brand the maiden names of your mothers, do you feel a responsibility to your families when developing collections?
JM: The reason why we called the brand this way was, first of all, because Barneys decided to buy our collection, and the brand did not have a name. Then we thought that calling her Hernandez McCollough would not be very clever – somehow it doesn’t sound, right?
LH: And I like it. It is better than Proenza Schouler. So I’m sorry about the chosen name.
JM: Yes, what we regret the most is the name.