Phillip Lim RTW Spring 2020

October 5, 2019

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During his Spring 2020 show, Phillip Lim was discoursing upon his brand’s relics: community, diversity, optimism, and his achievements in putting these basic principles together not incidentally.

Phillip Lim’s experimentations with tailoring were SS20 focal points. You wouldn’t notice an ordinary two-piece suit in his collection; there were plenty of those in this Spring season already, Lim seized the moment to build something completely distinct for his clientele. Designer’s most alluring offer was a sleeveless, long vest with a detachable fragment embracing the shoulders, reminding a shawl going along with similar pants or a short skirt. The combo looked provocative, however, without being too peculiar for a classical NY bureau. Phillip Lim knows in no uncertain terms who his clients are: business female working in various fields. Another example was an asymmetrical jacket with deep cutouts and a detachable hood, as well as a coat enhanced with a leather head scarf — a functional component women will be glad to go around with.

The new collection was giving an impression of very long-running due to new biological and reclaimed materials. Lim placed emphasis on the biological cotton of a dark brown playsuit and the strong fabric of a blue navy mini dress. Few Spring 2020 collection garments were made of chunky satin, and in pictures it looks almost as leather, but cupro is made of recycled cotton waste. Other materials, crafted with a particular eco intention was another important part of the sustainability dialogue between the designer and the consumer.