Parts of 4 FW2020

January 30, 2020

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Parts of Four is the brainchild of Evan Sugerman, a designer born in Los Angeles, California. He studied fine art at the University of California, Santa Cruz, focusing on multimedia installations based on mechanical movement and sound environment.

In 2011, Evan Sugerman has founded his company for the manufacture of jewellery, decor items, lighting fixtures and installations. Evan was once asked where the name “Parts of Four” came from to which he replied: “The Parts of Four brand arose from a note made in my sketch book. The note was a reminder to me that in the process I have to divide the subject into four parts. “

From the point of view of the sculptural processes, Parts of Four can be represented as a provocative system of rituals and memories: men, animals, geology, stars and others. This is the meditation of forms, materials and processes. Material is a substance. Parts of Four believe in magic and the ability of materials to preserve history and power. It is the material that draws the form. Rather, it is a dialogue, a spiritual dialogue, born in our multifaceted history. This is not a reflection of world events, but a study of the inner space, the construction and expansion in it and ourselves, in its layers and parts, slowly and suddenly.”

The hallmark of the brand is the jewellery being created in a concentration of kneading of such styles as rustic, loft and industrial. According to Evan Sugerman, Parts of 4 represents a rethinking of the newly “invented” modern jewellery with a complete disregard for traditional trends based mainly on seasonal fashion. For him, this project is a manifestation of the practice of slow design, a more conscious philosophical approach to design. Evan compares his creative process with the processes of synthesis, stratification, filtering, rebuilding and tuning. Thanks to the constant establishment of errors and successes of the past, the new ideas are generated in his mind.