Mugler Jewellery Disruptive, Avant-garde Approach

December 14, 2019

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In jewellery fashion the sophistication of the 1980s is back. Bangles, necklaces, rings reach size XXL. It can never be big enough. After the epoch of minimalism, delicate rings and fine chains, the real statement pieces are taking over. There is again “bigger is better”. Season for season jewels are becoming more and more exuberant and opulent.

Play the muscles properly!

Statement jewellery is inspired by history, films, pop stars and fantasies of designers. Look at the theatrical jewellery works of Thierry Mugler from the 1980’s, or the jewellery Madonna or other pop stars have worn or are wearing. Designers get their inspiration from their surroundings, Bicycle chains or other tools from the neighbors repair shop serve as a template for jewels. Fashion houses such as Loewe, Chanel and Balmain put their models enormous chokers around their necks, or just look at the TV anchors.This fall, massive Jewellery is en vogue as it was in the 80’s.

MUGLER defend a disruptive, avant-garde approach to the world through the prism of Monsieur Mugler’s imagination, influenced by culture. The MUGLER jewellery experience offers everyone the pleasure of transforming themselves, the giddiness of transcending themselves, the power of shaping their own image. In both fashion and jewellery, MUGLER unsettles, inspires, and accomplishes, reconciling the demands of the extraordinary with the surprise of the outrageous.

Embellished Ear Cuff
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Embellished Dagger Earring
Ball Ear Cuff
Ball Ear Cuff