May 18, 2017

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Trilogy of Journey

The first project was born olfactory odorous along a trajectory linking Istanbul to Marrakech, passing through a mnemonic journey in my childhood spent in Sicily. The man is the memory of His path and His scent tells every step, like a diary. Three fragrances born from the true experience of a trip, as a research of the other one, lands and men. Mixture That Becomes essence, hor izon, enchantment. Rites of passage, Shukran and Ciavuru of amuri, notes of a nomadic journey inside odorous anthropology of the place. 

1# nota di vaggio (Rites de passage) 100ml


































2# nota di vaggio (Shukran…) 100ml


































3# nota di vaggio (Ciavuru d’amuri) 100ml


































Cycle of Poetry

Born from a deep soul search, Notturno and Luce represent the completion of a cycle of composition of two years, the one lived in the harness of the dark, the other in the balance of light. Notturno, the poem takes shape, becomes odorous liquid that reveals its essence at night, its silent presence in the notes of rum, ink and leather. Luce, the architecture olfactory research its point, the threshold, quiet ideal for a work of quiet, built on the notes of birch, patchouli and benzoin. In the darkness and into the light, this cycle completed the metamorphosis of the poetic word in perfume, theorem of passion.

Notturno 100ml


































Luce 100ml


































Mystic trilogy

A physical and mental journey in holy places and transfigured by the human soul’s smell. The olfactory iconography is sought in the deep smell that like every memory brings to a path which has already been walked through by man, and experienced by our soul. Perfumes, scents, mingled mystical states that cover the body.Incense, Oud, Benzoin, Patchouli, Tonka Bean. The encounter with the sacred image, like any prayer is the cradle of our needs. Image after image, the gaze stops, the head bends on the perfumed resin. Memory lasts.

Narcotico 100ml


































Odor 93 100ml


































L’oblìo 100ml