Lumen et Umbra, Presentation SS14

January 29, 2014

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PRESENTATION SS14…Embracing the dualism that identifies our brand we started researching the other side of the moon. SS14 Collection is our starting point. The making was hard but yet so interesting. As tools we chose metal, paper pulp and silver filaments spinning as snakes in a DNA structure. As an alchemical process of trasformation took place. We opened the floodgates of self-contemplative ecstasy and walk the unpathed street of an out-of-body experience getting out of ourselves and inside the “other”. A new energy now craved for more interdependence rather than independence. The collection that bloomed enriched us the fullest. Raw and wild fabrics and textures were showing us their other side revealing themselves entirely, we had only to turn our personal perspective around…Lumen et Umbra is a brand particularly interested in being innovative and distinctive using advanced technology in natural textiles and fabrics. The designer, directly from Japan, Issei Fujita, after working with Carpe Diem, branched out on his own presenting his first capsule in Paris in March 2006. The name came from the special solution with which he treated the fabrics that allowed printing light directly onto the clothes. The line, a collection of five tshirt was so called Lumen et Umbra (Light and Shadow). With a close attention to detail and use of cutting-edge techniques and material, he specialized in fabrics – wools, cottons, cashmeres, silks and very innovative ones like metal, bamboo and paper.lumen-et-umbra-ss14 lumen-et-umbra-ss14 lumen-et-umbra-ss14