Tatsuro Horikawa (Julius), Designer Profile

December 12, 2013

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Julius commenced in 2001 as a collaborative art project to put forward audio/video performances for collections and art shows. The label underwent natural development from there, progressing in its maturity to a completely developed fashion project that examines artistic and experimental concepts from Horikawa. The original Julius presentation of clothing and audio/video took place in 2004 with the Spring Summer collection, the ‘Tokyo Collection’, ensuing a presentation at a Modern Art Gallery with paintings and abstract works of art that inspired the collection. Tatsuro Horikawa has long been recognized for his processes of joining art and fashion into singular entities, utilizing this philosophy for both aspects of his career. He has always expressed that “a collection is created when varying elements are accumulated to such a point that they form into one exceptional vision” and a consequence has been existent in Julius, with elements including architecture, music, art, sound, ambience, travel, and emotion. The aim then, according to Horikawa is to contribute to the lifestyle of the individual rather than just the wardrobe. Black is the conceptual sturcture for all creations in the Julius fashion collections, and most of the clothing does not divide much further. The notion of madness and sorrow that black exemplifies appears repeatedly in Horikawa’s work in the form of dangling straps, tapered legged pants, and weighty boots. The Julius collections take their cues from contemporary expansions in goth culture with more developed, high end clothing as its origin, including trenchcoats, suit jackets, and formal trousers. Because Julius began as an art concept, the clothing is a subordinate facet of the brand, evolving seasonally to communicate Horikawa’s visions for the label. His works utilize an appreciable amount of underground imagery and artistic expressions with heavy black leather as a common material. Visit the official Julius_7 website. Photos by Adam Katz Sinding – Le21eme, taken during Mens Fashion Week in Paris, Autumn and Winter 2013. Visit the official Le21eme website.


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