Iris van Herpen FW2020

January 30, 2020

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Iris Van Herpen is a “chemist” and inventor of the fashion world. Her garments are made of nano materials glued together, printed on a 3D printer, cut out from cellulose as sculptures and processed with a laser.

In her work, Iris van Herpen combines nature and the latest technologies together. She uses innovative fabrics to make clothes similar to plants, beautiful flowers or sea corals. “I want to make the fabric alive,” Iris once said before the screening, a reminiscent of an episode of a science fiction film about a girl who could turn into a rose to protect herself. In nature, everything is interconnected. Iris van Herpen wants her fashion to help audience feel this connection.

“I am engaged with high fashion, which is already a synonym for sustainability and durability. We create custom models, this does not require a one-time approach. At the same time, I work with scientists, architects and artists to optimise my professional research. We come up with new technologies and materials, try to minimise the negative impact on the environment. “

“My own brand does not aim to reinforce political views, there are too many of them, even for me personally. Moreover, they have a strict time reference. I try to create things that are timeless, I like the idea of working, looking at objects that are being born as if from afar “

“I would really like to advise you to not forget about your skill, craftsmanship and innovation – this is the foundation of fashion. Mastery is always in one way or another connected with the new. We live in an era when so much is concentrated on culture, but at the same time, designers are not given specific skills and abilities, such as working with patterns, for example, at school. They are not told about the traditions of the craft. So, my warning to the young would be: Do not limit your horizons! You’ll miss a lot if you master only one way of production. “