Hender Scheme Returns to the Idea of Sex Based on One’s Appearance

‘Gender’ means social and cultural differences about sex, while ‘sex’ refers to physical and biological differences. Hender Scheme proposes a concept which surpasses the ‘gender’ schema based on society, but returns to the idea of ‘sex’ based on one’s appearance.

Hender Scheme is a Japanese footwear and accessories label based in Tokyo, Japan founded by designer Ryo Kashiwazaki. Hender Scheme is notable for reproducing popular sneaker models, such as Nike’s Air Force 1 and Air Jordan IV, completely by hand in premium leather as part of its Manual Industrial Products (MIP) line. Aside from sneakers, Hender Scheme also produces an array of high-quality handcrafted leather accessories such as belts, bucket hats, folios, laptop sleeves, notebooks, and keychains. Spotted on the heels of high-profile footwear enthusiasts such as Justin Bieber and Diddy, Hender Scheme has quickly become a favourite among the celebrity set.

The footwear offerings are centered around the latest in Hender Scheme’s Manual Industrial Products line of silhouettes — the Manual Industrial Product 22, a handcrafted homage to Nike‘s Air Force 1 Low. This marks a first for Hender Scheme: it’s created an Air Force 1 High in the past, but this is its first go-around with the low-top version. The remaining footwear offerings include styles like chunky wingtips juxtaposed with bold neon cinch laces, slip-on suede Chelsea boots with a crepe sole that’s almost rocker bottom style in nature, leather strap sandals with cork footbeds and supple leather slip-ons.