Guidi: The Link Between the Owner and the Owner’s Soul

November 29, 2019

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In 1896, Guido Guidi, Giovanni Rosellini and Gino Ulivo estabilished “Conceria Guidi Rosellini” in Pescia, Tuscany where the art of leather tanning has been existing since the middle ages, when a guild of tanners and shoemakers had developed it in the XIV century.

Ruggero Guidi is currently running the tannery and throughout his whole life he was looking for the perfect balance between advanced technologies and the respect for his heritage of traditions and skills. The “Conceria Guidi Rosellini“ is well-known all over the world: the most demanding designers approach Ruggero Guidi looking for the special leathers and treatments, and he is always able to find exactly what they desire.

Passion for leather and respect for its traditions are the two main ideas that push Mr Guidi’s shoe collection project forward. He is being strictly against the mass production focusing instead on his own independent research beyond all the modern tendencies. GUIDI are the shoes for all of those who are in search of something unique with a twist of tradition, the shoes that only a craftsman is able to create, coming in soft, candid hides or in distressed, redolent, thickened leather. Guidi is the link between the owner and the owner’s soul.