Lumen et Umbra, Spring Summer 2014 Collection

October 25, 2013

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This season he made ‘Jacquard Camouflage’ (Cotton 51% Linen 49%), ‘Net’ (Linen 83% Cotton 17%), and ‘Japanese Denim’ (Cotton 100%). The denim absorbs a  rich indigo color, held up by a rigid texture. Issei comments, “Typical indigo dyeing consist of dyeing 21 times, but our jeans are dyed 28 times from a Japanese veteran in the trade.” The ‘Paper’ (100%), is the type which is traditionally used under the ‘Kimono’, because the properties of the material take in sweat from body, simultaneously cooling the body. With treatments, he uses an airbrush (dye) process which is applied in to each garment individually by hand. With prints this season, Lumen et Umbra works with an Italian Mill to apply a printing process instead of dye. The designer is also working with a Fabric company in England a apply a traditional wax coating process to waterproof the some of the pieces. Visit the official website.


FJ22 T62 99-lumen-et-umbra


FP02-11 T62 99-lumen-et-umbra

FP03 T64-T61 99-00-lumen-et-umbra

FP23 T66 98-lumen-et-umbra

FP23 T69 00-lumen-et-umbra

FP40 TD2 78

FP41 T66 69-lumen-et-umbra

FP42 T62 99-lumen-et-umbra

FS10 T61 00-lumen-et-umbra

FS10 T61 99-lumen-et-umbra

FS10 T65 80-lumen-et-umbra

FS33 T61 00-2-lumen-et-umbra

FS33 T61 00-lumen-et-umbra

FS33 T64-T61 99-2-lumen-et-umbra

FS33 T64-T61 99-lumen-et-umbra

FS34 T63 00-lumen-et-umbra

FSH01 T60-J60 99-lumen-et-umbra

FSH01 T64-J60 99-00-lumen-et-umbra

FSH05 T64-T61  99-00-2-lumen-et-umbra

FSH05 T64-T61  99-00-lumen-et-umbra

FSL30 T61 00-lumen-et-umbra

FSL30 T61 99-lumen-et-umbra

FSL31 T61 99-2-lumen-et-umbra

FSL31 T61 99-lumen-et-umbra

FSL31 T65 80-lumen-et-umbra

FT48 J60 00-2-lumen-et-umbra

FT48 J60 00-lumen-et-umbra

FT48 J63 92-lumen-et-umbra

FT49 J63 92-lumen-et-umbra

FT49 J60  00-2-lumen-et-umbra

FT53 J62 85-lumen-et-umbra

FT54 IDRO 79-lumen-et-umbra

FT54 J63 92-lumen-et-umbra



FT56 J61 00-lumen-et-umbra

FT56 J62-J61 85-00-lumen-et-umbra

FT58 J63 92-lumen-et-umbra





FLP21 T60-T64 68-99-lumen-et-umbra